Novel Name : Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand

Chapter 474 You Are a Good Person

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Surprised, Isabella looked at Wendy.

Wendy nodded and smiled, “The doctor explained that he didn’t speak before because he was used to
an Irish accent and couldn’t understand ours. In addition, he was nervous about leaving his familiar
surroundings. But now, he seems to have adapted to the life here.”

Gary raised his head as Wendy spoke and nodded solemnly toward Isabella.

“You can understand what we’re saying, too?” Isabella asked Gary joyfully.

“Yeah.” Gary nodded once more.

Isabella stroked his head with delight. “Would you like to go to the amusement park with me?” she
asked, smiling.

In the restaurant he worked, Bill was washing his hands at the sink. He had a complicated expression
on his face as he looked in the mirror on the wall.

After wiping his hands clean, He took out his cell phone. Just when he Was about to send a text
message, a man abruptly stopped him, “You can’t use your phone at work! If the boss sees it, he will
deduct your salary.”

Bill smiled, reached out, patted the man on the arm, and said, “Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.”

The man joined him on the sink counter and took a pack of cigarettes

and a lighter from his pocket. “Do you want one?” he asked Bill after 473 You Are a Good Person
lighting the cigarette and taking a long puff.

“Don’t you know smoking during work is forbidden?” Bill asked

The man remained silent. He took a few puffs before extinguishing the cigarette and tossing it into the
trash can. “I smoke too much, and there’s nothing I can do about it,” He said this while waving his hand
in the air to dispel the odor of smoke.

Hours later, after leaving work. Bill felt he had lost his courage when he thought of the person he had
just seen in the restaurant. After a brief hesitation, he put his phone back.

A few days later, Bill was not surprised when he received a message from her. The message read,
“People are no longer cooperating with us, and they are unwilling to accuse Lemon. The regulators
have now released their findings as well. Lemon will soon be able to prove its innocence. Is this how
you get things done?”

Bill was chilled by the night wind. “I’ve done my part, and I’ve done everything as you requested,” he
replied quickly.

Exhausted, he took a slow, deep breath as he looked up. After a while, Bill received another text
message. As he walked away, a motorcycle roared past him, its tires rolling up the dust on the ground.

“Get the hell out of my f*****g way!” The rider on the motorcycle yelled at him.

Hearing that, Bill turned around. He suddenly recalled that when he was younger, he often rode a
motorcycle and cursed people he saw on the streets. And as he came back to his senses and realized
how miserable he turned out to be, he was filled with conflicted emotions.

He laughed to himself, and his laughter became increasingly louder. Later on, his stomach hurt, and he
had to squat on the sidewalk.

A couple passing next to him slowed their pace and quickly left after 473 You Are a Good Person
passing him hesitantly. “He’s drunk, isn’t he? He scared me!” Patting her chest, the girl said.

She had no idea what Bill was thinking or that he had been in many dangerous situations in his life.
Years ago, he was stabbed in the stomach with a long knife, But he didn’t even groan at the time.
However, on a normal night like this, he sat in the brightly lit street, crying and laughing like a lunatic.

Leaning against a tree, Bill sat on the ground, lit a cigarette and checked the text messages he
received just now.

“| want Anna to be miserable. Joanna will be unable to have surgery until you complete this task. You
can do the math on how much time you have left.”

“Is there anything else you want me to do?” Bill tapped the keyboard and texted back.

“You have two options. I’m going to warn you one more time. If you don’t keep your word, we’ll die

Bill took one last drag of his cigarette while staring at the two simple, clear lines on his phone screen.
He stomped out the cigarette and became fierce again in an instant. Much as he wanted to eliminate
the person that just sent him a death threat, he calmed himself down, dusted off the ashes from his
body, and continued walking through the busy street eventually. After all, that person could pay him a
large sum of money that he could use to save Joanna’s life.

He was waiting for a traffic light when he noticed a mother and daughter standing before him. The girl
was dressed in a puffy pink dress, a pink jacket, and pink leather shoes. She wore a pink bear hairpin
in a pigtail and held a pink balloon in her hand. The moment he watched the little girl’s back, Bill
became tender. 473 You Are a Good Person

“How far do we have to walk to see Daddy, Mommy?” The little girl looked up at a woman and asked
her with excitement.

“When we walk across this road, we can see him. Daddy is staying late at work! Okay, let’s bring him
dinner.” The girl’s mother answered her while

holding two bags.

“Okay,” the little girl smiled back at her mother. “Ah! My balloon!” Suddenly, she let out a scream as the
balloon in her hand flew up into the sky

The girl then dashed forward and ran onto the road. At the same time, a bus was speeding towards the
intersection at the time. The driver was startled when the girl ran out, braking and honking the horn in a

“Baby!” The woman instantly dropped the bags in her hand and reached out, trying desperately to pull
the girl back to safety. She only touched the girl’s skirt, however, which scared the hell out of her.

In the blink of an eye, before the woman could react, bill, who was behind her, rushed out and helped
her save her daughter. When the Woman finally calmed down a bit, she found that her daughter was
safe and sound in his arms.

With an expressionless face, Bill said to the woman calmly, “The light has turned green. Be more
careful next time.”

The stunned woman took the girl from Bill after crossing the street. Her eyes welled with tears as she
knelt to take the little girl into her arms.

Bill frowned and prepared to leave after hearing her crying. One of his greatest fears was seeing a
woman act vulnerable.

When he felt a small, delicate hand wrapping around his fingertips. Bill had just walked away. The
warmth of her hand permeated his, fingertips and into his bloodstream. And when he turned around, he
saw 473 You Are a Good Person the little girl gazing at him with her sparkling eyes.

He attempted to free himself from her grasp, but she tightened her grip on his index finger.

“What?” He said it harshly.

“Thank you, sir. Thank you very much.” The girl narrowed her eyes and smiled as she handed him the
balloon in her other hand.

The girl’s mother then slowed down and smiled guiltily. She wiped her tears away and then opened her

Bill looked at her and noticed that she had taken out all the cash from her bag. She then attempted to
shove the cash into his hand. With a sullen face, Bill did not accept the money.

“Don’t get me wrong, sir. You are a good person, and | am truly thankful for you because you saved my
daughter. Please accept the money,” the woman explained incoherently, not wanting to make Bill

Itwasn’t the woman’s giving his money that shocked Bill but her words: “You’re a kind person.”
Stunned, Bill thought to himself, What makes you think I’m a good person? Nobody has ever described
me as a good person. Do you know how many crimes I’ve committed? Do you have any idea (actually
killed numerous people?

Before taking the balloon from the girl’s grasp. Bill panicked and tried to hide his emotions. Having
hidden his panic, he said to the woman, “I don’t want your money. If you want to thank me, you can
give me this balloon.”

“| have something to say to you. Sir!” With a smile, the little girl said.

“What is it?”

The little girl hooked her finger at him. He squatted down and then felt her warm breath on his cheek as
the little girl kissed him on the cheek.

“Mommy says that | shouldn’t kiss strangers. But | don’t think Mommy would mind if | kiss you,” Smiling,
the girl looked at Bill with admiration.

However, her mother appeared embarrassed. “Please don’t mind about that. She’s only a child,” she
said to Bill as she drew the girl back into her arms.

The little girl’s words and action were like a fire that melted his stone-cold heart. Finally, Bill managed
to squeeze a smile. He stood up, stroking the little girl’s head and saying to her gently, “Thank you.”

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