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Chapter 463 Finding Tammy

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Gabe prepared to return to England after Wayne called him that day. However, something went wrong
with one of the cases he handled, and he had to stay to deal with it. So, he e-mailed all of the
information he got to Noel.

On the weekend, Noel printed all the files and drove to Wayne’s manor in the West End. He took a
sightseeing car to the entrance, and it took him ten minutes to get into the square.

At the same time, Isabella and Natalie were playing tennis in the courtyard. The two young girls sat
panting on the ground, looking energetic. Noel couldn’t help but stop and watch for a moment. He then
coughed softly and waved to Wayne, who was sitting nearby.

Wayne wore a casual sports suit, which was unusual for him. It made him look much gentler and
younger. He pointed to the sightseeing car on the side after spotting Noel and then walked there.

And Gary was climbing on top of Anna, clutching one of her thighs. He seemed to treat her like a kiddie
slide at a theme park. Wayne returned his gaze and warned him, “You, stop it.”

Hearing Wayne’s warning, Gary slid off Anna’s leg and crouched behind her as he felt alerted. And
Wayne finally left satisfied.

Then Wayne and Noel boarded a sightseeing car and travelled deep within the property to a garden.
The fall breeze swept towards them as they moved forward, and the air was fragrant with nature’s
distinct scent.

Noel’s expression shifted from astonishment to shock along the way. 462 Finding Tammy “When did
you buy this mountain, Mr. Wright?” He asked

In the center of the garden was a tiny gazebo. Wayne and Gabe sat there, both with sombre
expressions on their faces.

“Gabe sent this information to me. He discovered a crucial clue five years ago: Frank Gabriel died of
severe liver failure. His death was so strange that doctors couldn’t identify if he died from man-made or
natural causes. If it was done on purpose, it meant that the murderer let Frank be exposed to trace
levels of poisons over a long period of time,” Noel reported what he had found out about.

Wayne was expressionless. He sat back in his chair, his hands clasped to his chest. Then he fixed his
icy gaze on the table, nodded and gestured for Noel to continue.

Noel cleared his throat and said, “Gabe then found a drug. If people take this medication for three to
five years, they will die mysteriously like Frank. However, this drug is illegal in the UK and they could
only obtain it abroad secretly. And Shirley had been buying this medicine on a regular basis for the
three years before Frank’s death.”

Noel explained as he placed one of the photocopied materials in front of Wayne. “Shirley’s personal
transaction record is here. She purchased this medicine once every six months and five times in three

Wayne leaned closer, taking the paper in his hand. The paper was thin, but it felt as heavy as a huge
rock to him. He realized that five transactions were insufficient to accuse Shirley of murder. “What else
have you got?” he asked, leaning back again,

“Because you asked him to stop the search at the time, Gabe didn’t look at the other clues,” Noel
paused slightly, examining Wayne’s expression

Wayne raised his head, clearly dissatisfied with his words. He soon 462 Finding Tammy

recovered his composure because he realized he was the one who refused to let Gabe continue his
investigation five years ago. He wondered why he had done it in the first place and regretted it.

Noel quickly added, “I’ve been following Shirley for a few days, and have some discoveries. Turns out
that she’s very close to a lawyer named Howard Baker:

“A lawyer?” Wayne began to ponder.

“Yes. | saw the lawyer’s profile. They grew up in the same city, and they dated each other in their
twenties. They stayed in touch in the years following Frank’s death, and they’ve seen each other a lot

Wayne’s expression became gloomy.

After a brief pause, Noel said, “They met with Frank’s insurance trustee earlier in the day at a cafe. We
didn’t get any useful information from him, but | believe it has something to do with Frank’s insurance
money. | put a bug in Howard’s bag while he was in the bathroom yesterday. So I’ll be able to find out
what he’s been up to soon.”

Noel said as he placed a couple of images in front of Wayne. Wayne gazed at the photos several times
but said nothing. As he stood up, he tore the photos into pieces and tossed them on the table.

“Find out what’s going on as soon as possible,” He ordered Noel in a serious tone.

“I’m onit.”

Noel quickly found out some news once Wayne returned home. He said to him over the phone, “Mr.
Wright, | found out something about Owen. This morning, he went to a cafe to meet a man. He drove
all the way

south after he left there. Tammy might be there, I believe.” 462 Finding Tammy

“Tell the police and then follow them. I’ll be there right away.”

Hanging up, Wayne began to relax a bit. As he returned to the living room, he saw Anna smiling at him.
And Anna quickly realized what Wayne meant when she saw the pleasure and satisfaction in his deep
eyes. She began to cry after that.

“I’ve got a clue.” Wayne said.

Anna was relieved by his brief sentence. “What? Is there a clue about where Tammy is?” She asked.

Wayne nodded. Everyone present was surprised and then started cheering.

Anna cried more loudly. Seeing her like this, Wayne embraced her tightly.

She had been frightened for several days but never expressed her feelings. She sobbed on his chest.
After Tammy disappeared, she went about her business as usual, and even Peace was taken aback by
it. Only Wayne knew how worried she was.

‘‘PI find our daughter, my dear. I’ll bring her back safe and sound,” He kissed her on the cheek and said

The next day, Owen had been waiting for Bill in the cafe at nine in the morning. He’d had a rough few
days and was constantly in a trance. And he had already finished two cups of coffee when Bill arrived.

“What the hell do you guys mean? You guys are done using me?” Owen slapped the table and asked
aggressively as Bill sat down. The spoon in his hand rattled as it touched the porcelain cup.

Bill remained silent and began to drink the coffee from his cup calmly.

“Do you think | invited you here for tasting the coffee?” Owen became 462 Finding Tammy even more

Bill grinned cruelly as he laid his cup down. In a mocking tone, he said, “Calm down. You were the one
who volunteered to help us in accusing Lemon in the first place for the donation. But you didn’t get the
money because Gary was lost. After that, you agreed to kidnap Tammy Wright for us as a way to make
it up to us.”

Bill purposefully spoke slowly and loudly. Owen was stunned by that and tried to stand up to cover his
mouth. He relaxed a little after looking around to ensure no one was behind them.

Bill scoffed and said, “So, do you still think we’re using you?”

Owen realized he couldn’t defend himself and replied, “Anyway, | don’t want to do it anymore. I’m out!”

“Are you sure about that?”

“Yes! | was thinking that if we receive this grant, our orphanage will be named a national excellent
orphanage. That way, I’d get promoted. But now you’re going to get me murdered! You’re a mobster!”
Owen felt increasingly agitated as he spoke.

Bill frowned, recalling things from the past that he didn’t want to think of. He was a gang member
before he was thirty and was even more ruthless and bloodthirsty back then.

After collecting his own thoughts, Bill said, “It doesn’t matter. If you’re sure you want to quit, we won’t
stop you. All you have to do is to let the girl go. After that, you will have nothing to do with us. But the
donation will also be canceled.”

“Really?” Owen asked. He couldn’t believe how quickly things could be resolved.

Bill answered with a fake smile, “Sure! But you know what will happen if you tell anyone about this.” He
then raised his hand, holding the 462 Finding Tammy coffee cup high. The moment he let go, a clear
cracking sound echoed throughout the cafe.

Owen shivered in terror as he heard the horrible shattering sound of the broken cup. He shivered and
nearly collapsed to the ground. He then said, “I’m not going to tell anyone! I certainly will not.”

“Then why are you still here? Leave now.” Bill laughed and raised his chin at him.

Immediately after Bill finished his words, Own left in a fluster.

Bill sipped his coffee while gazing out the glass window and noticed a white car following Owen. He
frowned, realizing that things were about to get more tricky. He paid for his coffee and cup, and then
went away.

After leaving the cafe, Owen headed towards the city’s south side. He was driving so fast that he even
ran a red light. So, he didn’t notice there was a car following him.

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