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Chapter 449 Blood for Blood

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Isabella went to Wright’s house a few days later with the information she had discovered.

After walking into the living room, Isabella said to Anna, “I asked Julia to look up the information for
those fired employees. And here are the files.”

Anna raised her head and carefully read each piece of information. Her expression gradually became

“Most of them are not local, and all of them have only been here for a month.” Anna quickly realized
what was going on.

Isabella nodded and said, “Most of the workers in the workshop are women from the countryside.
During their weekly shifts, they return home to care for their families. | also looked into our previous
hiring records. Over the years, we haven’t recruited as many people from outside the town as we have
this month.”

Anna nodded and asked, “Who recruited them?”

“Michael. He has been with us for many years, and Mona said you agreed to let him work here. He had
been laid off before he worked here, and his mother was seriously ill and in desperate need of money.
You hired him because you thought he was reliable and hardworking

Anna pondered it for a while, but she couldn’t remember this man. However, she had a bad feeling
after learning that fact. Then she asked, “And where’s him now?”

Isabella pursed her lips and said, “He left the next day after the accident happened and only told Paul,
the head of HR, that he was leaving. 448 Blood for Blood Paul didn’t stop him because he has had
conflicts with him.”

Anna was not surprised about this. She frowned tightly, her jumbled thoughts complicating her
confused mind. Having collected her thoughts, she said, “Please tell Paul to my office tomorrow at
12:35 p.m.”


Isabella closed the file, but she appeared worried. The more she looked into it, the more she realized
something was wrong.

Anna patted Isabella on the shoulder as she realized that and said, “You’re just 18, but you’re efficient
and dependable. With you around, | can save myself lot of trouble.’’

Isabella shrugged with a resigned expression on her face, “Don’t think that complimenting me will make
me happy. | wouldn’t have agreed if you were not so busy recently. In any case, you owe me a big

The next day at 12:35 p.m, Paul, the personnel director, went to Anna’s office. Paul was around thirty
years old. He was tall, wore black rimmed glasses, and appeared alittle dull.

Anna put Micheal’s file in front of Paul and asked, “Why didn’t you tell me about Micheal’s leaving?
Although you are in charge of the company’s personnel, you should be aware of these issues.”

Paul pushed up his glasses and looked clueless about it. When he thought about the whole thing, he
also found it strange. Then he uttered, “When Micheal called me and told me he was resigning, | was
puzzled. | asked him to follow the company’s handover procedures, but he said he had requested to
leave a month before. | later checked my email and discovered that he had submitted his resignation
request a long time ago.”

Paul frowned and continued, “And here’s the strange thing: | never 448 Blood for Blood: saw this
application. | wanted to ask him some questions, but he simply hung up the phone. I called him later,

only to find that he blocked my number.”

Hearing Paul’s explanation, Anna was even more convinced that Micheal was aware of everything
happening. She relaxed and asked calmly, “I’ve heard you and Michael don’t get along. Could you
explain why?”

Paul studied Anna’s expression before finally saying, “Micheal has been with the company for a long
time, and he claims you hired him as the director of recruitment for the shop floor staff. I’ve only worked
here for two years, but my position is higher than his. He was enraged and continued to make things
difficult for me. Because of this, | didn’t get along with him.”

“How did he make things difficult for you?”

“Lam only in charge of the company’s internal personnel; the recruitment of shop floor workers is under
my charge. Michael has recruited many of his own relatives over the years. Most of them have no idea
what they’re doing, but they get special treatment here. Many workers came to complain, and | was in
charge of responding to them.”

It wasn’t until then that Anna finally recalled who Michael was. A few years ago, she was having dinner
at a restaurant alone, and a couple sitting at the next table got into a fight. She didn’t pay attention to
them, but she knew they both had been laid off from their conversation. She forgot her wallet when she
left, and the man at the next table brought it to her.

That person was Michael. At that point, Anna handed him a business card and told him he could work
for her company.

Anna reflected on it and became frustrated. Micheal appeared tired from trying to make a living at the
time, but he still returned the wallet containing a large sum of money to Anna. The honest man she 448
Blood for Blood remembered was nothing like the image Paul described While she was recalling, the

office door unexpectedly opened, and Julia dashed in. She said many things, but she didn’t describe
what happened. However, Anna realized that there was a new trouble.

“Where?” She stood up and walked out the door to the office.

“Down the hall,” Julia said as she followed her.

Julia told Anna what had happened on the way downstairs.

A previously fired employee and a large crowd were protesting downstairs. They were holding signs
that said the company was earning profiteering without regard for human life.

At this time, a crowd had gathered downstairs. Some were carrying wooden signs that said “Blood for
blood.” Some carried banners, while others wore red bandanas around their necks.

When Anna arrived downstairs, she noticed Isabella attempting to calm everyone down. Amid the
commotion, her frail figure appeared weak and fragile. She tried to raise her voice, but the chanting
around her drowned out her words.

“Isabella!” Anna yelled, stopping Isabella as she was about to take more steps forward. She knew what
was going on in the next second.

“Lemon treats our life like s**t!”

“Give me my health back!”

“Scumbags! Pay blood for blood!”

A group of people held banners and wooden signs with various slogans, led by a middle-aged man with
a megaphone who yelled “Lemon Clothing, Blood for Blood.”

Whenever he yelled something, dozens of people would follow him.

The scene was horrifying. ‘448 Blood for Blood

Anna paused for a moment, realizing that the group did not appear to be stopping. She went straight to
the middle-aged man in front of the crowd and grabbed the megaphone from his grasp. She took a few
steps back before the man realized what was happening.

“If you’re here to settle things, send a representative to deal with me!” Anna yelled, holding up the
speaker. She slammed the megaphone out of her hand after saying that. And the horn made an ear-
splitting noise and fell to pieces on the ground.

The crowd finally fell silent, and they then started whispering. A middle-aged man in short blue sleeves
stood in the center of the crowd. He was short but had strong limbs. After a brief discussion with the
group, he stepped out of the crowd and said to Anna, “I’ll talk to you.”

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