Novel Name : Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand

Chapter 384

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384 Please Come Back

“This afternoon? Who caught the bouquet at the wedding today?” “That’s her. Why?”

“What time does her plane leave?”

“Eight o’clock.”

The airport radio had already reminded passengers to board the plane, so Karl hung up the phone.

Wayne tightened his grip on the phone and urged Gabe, who was driving, “Drive faster.”

He assumed he’d had a dream about Anna this afternoon. He fantasized about her scent, smile, and
beautiful body. However, he didn’t expect Anna to forgive him for everything he’d done to hurt her after
everything he’d been through. He couldn’t forgive himself, even if she was willing to forgive him.

There was already a gap between them, and he couldn’t fix it no matter what. Wayne still needed some
time to consider what he needed and could offer her. But she was ready to go before he could think it

Time is so cruel to everyone, he thought to himself.

At 7:30 p.m, Wayne arrived at the airport terminal. Then Wayne dashed out of the car and toward the
airport. He was on time because the flight to New York didn’t leave for another half hour.

Gabe followed Wayne there and booked their tickets for that flight. They got on the plane and got into
VIP class. Though the crew stopped him as he entered the VIP cabin, he was going to look for Anna no
matter what.

“Sir, the plane is about to take off. You can’t go over…”

“I need to find someone.” 383 Please Come Back

“Sorry, but no. After the plane takes off, you can look for her through the in-cabin broadcast.”

Wayne immediately walked into the cockpit and asked, “Where’s the microphone?”

The captain went completely still

Wayne repeated, “Where’s the microphone?”

The captain remained silent and subconsciously pointed to the microphone on his side.

Wayne grabbed the microphone the next second and said sharply, “I apologize for bothering you all. I
didn’t board this plane to travel to America or anywhere else in the world. I just want to find someone.
So, if she’s willing to give me another chance to rebuild our relationship, I’ll cherish her even more than

The flight crew dashed to the cockpit door to stop Wayne. And Gable blocked all of them. He stood in
the doorway, motioning to the captain not to do anything. The captain shrugged as if he didn’t care.

“I thought it was right to respect your choices and let you go. But my heart broke the moment | realized
you were leaving. I knew if! let you go this time, I’d be sorry for the rest of my life. Please give me a
chance to apologize to you, Anna, if you hear me.”

Wayne sounded as if he was about to cry. The passengers exchanged surprised glances, all looking for
the woman named Anna. None of them, however, responded to him that they had found Anna.

Then the captain said regretfully, “All right. Time’s up.” Immediately after that, he pinned Wayne’s
shoulders against the console and shouted

into the microphone, “Security!” 383 Please Come Back

Anna’s plane had already taken off when Wayne was at the airport police station. She did not take the
flight to New York; instead, she travelled to France. She felt that since she was starting over, she
should overturn the past and start over.

Three months later, Peace visited her in France.

“Wayne kept asking Karl where you were the entire month you were gone.” Peace said.

“Did he? What happened next?”

I didn’t tell Karl, so he has no idea about it. Wayne appeared to have given up on you after asking
around about your whereabouts for about a month.”

Anna sat down again. She was not surprised, as if she expected things to happen this way. “That
makes sense to me. I’m relieved that he stopped looking for me.”

Really? | never understood why you avoided Jasper as well. You previously said that you were
returning to the United States with him, so Why have you come here?”

Anna sipped her coffee and said, “I’m not avoiding him. I came here to attend the school he found for
me. I can’t ask him to relocate his business here to be with me, can I?”

“Okay. But | believe Jasper will do it for you if you want.”

Anna chuckled and said, “Come on, I know what you’re trying to say. But you’re really overthinking it.
Jasper is getting married.”

Peace froze and asked, “With who? He never told me that!”

“Lily, his secretary. Lily has always liked him, which is why she has worked for him for so long.”

“Wow! She’s got a good chance!” 383 Please Come Back

“That is why didn’t move to New York. | couldn’t meddle in their lives any longer.”

“What makes me think you’re sorry for that?” When she realized Anna was calm, Peace asked.

Anna paused for a moment before saying, “It’s fine. You should know that love is not the only thing in
my life. I have a lot of other things on my plate.”

Peace was bored as she looked at the medical books on her desk. She said, “Okay, you’re distracting
yourself from your grief. That’s great news, but | still feel bad for you. I’m leaving tomorrow; do you
have anything you’d like to say to him?”

Anna paused for a moment before responding, “Yes. Please give this back to him for me,” she said as
she took a black suede box from under her desk drawer and handed it to Peace.

Without opening the box, Peace knew what it was: the necklace had changed Anna’s fate for six years.
Their fate gears were entangled in this necklace. After Anna returned the necklace to its owner, it might
appear that everything had returned to normal.

“What should say if he asks me where you are?”

“Just tell him I gave it to you before I left, but you forgot to give it to him.”

Peace sighed and said, “Okay. Wayne deserves to be alone in Birmingham because of how he treated
you. But now

that Jasper has married someone else, I think you should return to Birmingham.”

Anna rolled her eyes and said, “I’ve told you many times before that Jasper and | are just friends. We
are understanding and supportive of one another, but we don’t love one another.”

Peace was fiddling with the jewelry box when she said, “Now | believe 383 Please Come Back

it. Jasper cares about you and would go to great lengths to help you. But he’s not obsessive. Wayne,
on the other hand, is more passionate about you.”

Hearing that, Anna was surprised and then she stared at Peace in disbelief.

Being stared at like that, Peace became embarrassed. She lowered her head and said, “Don’t stare at
me like that! Wayne has a bad temper and used to fight with you frequently. But after you left, he went
insane. He even traveled to America to find you. He returned to England after meeting Jasper once and
never mentioned looking for you again. Maybe Jasper said something to him that he had no choice but
to give up on you.”

Anna had only been gone for three months. But when she heard Peace tell the story, it felt like a
lifetime had passed. However, she was not sad about it.

Peace left in the evening, and Karl waited for her outside. They had recently married and didn’t want to
be apart for even a second.

Anna and Wayne used to be madly in love and couldn’t stay apart. But then, everything had become a
memory. Everything can change with time. They were still in love but could let go and give each other

Ifa person can afford to give up the pain, they will be able to find happiness.

(TBC. They’ll meet again a few years later.

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