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Chapter 374

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374 Getting Away With It 373 Getting Away With It

‘Ada was wearing a short one-piece leather dress and boots. With the heavy makeup, she looked

“It’s been a long time, Mrs. Wright,” Ada said to Anna mockingly, stressing the word “Mrs. Wright’, “I’m
sure you didn’t expect to see me here!”

Anna smiled at her and said, “Indeed, we haven’t seen each other for a long time. But don’t you know
that I’ve ended my relationship with Wayne?” Anna knew that Ada held a grudge against her because
of Wayne, so the most important thing at the time was to tell her this. “You guys broke up? You’ve
broken up and gotten back together many times, and I’m not interested in that. You are really a smart
woman, and I didn’t expect you to say that,” Sneering, Ada took a sip of the juice on the table and said,
“You think I’m going to let you off the hook just because you say that? No, you’re too naive. Or, more
precisely, you believe | am too naive. To tell you the truth, I’m the one that made you two break up this

Anna froze, looking at Ada in surprise.

“Wayne had the police interrogate Lily harshly. I told her to state those words on purpose so that you
and Wayne would have a huge fight. Wayne is a paranoid person, so I gave him some evidence that
you approached him with other intentions. Just as I thought, he suspected you. And you weren’t honest
with him. You did meet the lawyer, and you did try to steal his son from him. But it was Jasper, a man
who adored you, who told the lawyer to use unusual means.”

Saying that, Ada stood up and walked around the room ‘373 Getting Away With It

Meanwhile, a shiver ran down Anna’s spine. She thought, /knew/ ‘messed things up. I was hesitant to
tell Wayne the truth because | was affaid to make a decision at the time. But it had never occurred to

me that you, Ada, would use this opportunity to plot the entire situation and got me and Wayne into a
fight. Ada, you vicious b***h!

Gnashing her teeth, Anna said with hatred, “What do you want?”

‘Ada scowled at her and asked, “What do you think | want? Look, this is what you and Wayne have
dragged me down to. I’m going to spend the rest of my life on this desolate desert island and I’ll never
be that beautiful actress again. And it’s all because of you!”

“We wouldn’t have hurt you if you hadn’t tried to hurt us at first!”

“Stop talking! I would have married Wayne a long time ago if it hadn’t been for you!”

Anna didn’t want to go on with this pointless conversation with her, and she sneered in her heart, You
re so sick and pathetic, Ada! A person like you will always believe that your success is due to your
good fortune. But when you fail, you simply blame it on someone else. I’m so glad that Wayne didn’t
marry a crazy b***h like you back then.

As she walked near Anna, Ada tightened her grip on Anna’s chin and forced her to look up at her. She
asked, “You like to steal my men, don’t you? Let me tell you, my man is a nationally wanted drug lord
now. I’ll take you to his bed myself and let you have fun with him.”

Anna gasped. Ada was squeezing her chin so hard that she felt like she couldn’t breathe. Just as Anna
was about to faint, Ada released her grip. Anna then collapsed to the floor, coughing and panting

“Are you going to force me to sleep with your man? That’s not a good way to punish me, Ada. Have
you considered what would happen if he falls in love with me? You planned on relying on him for the
rest of your 373 Getting Away With It life!”

Ada glared angrily at her and exclaimed, “Shut the f**k up! Who the hell do you think you are? Do you
think every man on the planet will fall in love with you?”

Anna covered her chest and laughed coldly through her throat. “You can try it. I can make Wayne fall in
love with me, so I’m not some kind of stupid woman. And I’m sure your man will eventually fall for me if
I want to.”

Suddenly, Ada grabbed her hair and slapped her. She growled, “Shut up, b***h! | should show Wayne
what you look like now! I’ll show him what kind of person you are!”

Ada kept cursing Anna, causing her to scream in pain. And her screaming was especially loud in the
dark. Someone soon began smashing things in the main bedroom on the second floor.

The moment Ada was about to hit Anna hard again, a man knocked on the door and interrupted her,
“Miss Xavier, our boss is pissed. He couldn’t sleep because of the noise you made, so he’s looking for

Ada then let go of Anna, allowing her to fall to the floor. “Ill be right over,” she said.

“What about her?”

“Keep her locked up and do not allow anyone to speak to her. I’ll deal with her when I get the chance.”


With that, Ada dashed into Dragon’s room. In the bedroom, Dragon was lying on the bed. He gave a
frown but did not open his eyes. “What have you been up to?” he asked Ada.

Ada laughed and replied, “Nothing. Do you have a headache now? Let ‘373 Getting Away With It me
give you a massage.”

Then Dragon rested his head on Ada’s lap. As Ada massaged his head skilfully, she kept thinking
about what Anna had just said. Gradually, her mind drifted away.

Yeah, Anna that f****4g w***e was right. She’s like a witch who can easily mesmerize men. As Dragon
is the only man that Ican rely on from now on, Ican’t let her steal him away from me, either! Just wait
and see, | torture the s**t out of her!

“Ouch! What’s wrong with you?” All of a sudden, Dragon opened his eyes, glared at her and asked as
accidentally picked at his scalp with her nails. And Ada was immediately brought back.

“I’m sorry!” Ada said in a panic. Her eyes immediately filled with tears, making her look very pitiful and

“You’re seducing me! I’l give you the punishment you deserve, naughty girl!”

“Ah! Be gentle, please…”

At the same time, Anna was led back into the dark room by a gang member. As soon as she walked
into the room, Anna smelled a fishy odor permeating the room. She almost threw up when the smell of
men’s sweat and sperm came into her nose.

The men had all left, leaving Anna standing in the center of the room. With mixed emotions filling up in
her head, Anna stared at Lily, who lay on the bed like a broken doll.

She was naked, and her body was covered in scars from previous injuries. There were tears all over
her face, and she looked like she’d been tohell.

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