Novel Name : Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand

Chapter 360

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Aren’t You Curious Who Tammy’s Father Is?

Wayne and Jasper ditched her right outside the door.

Anna sighed, her gaze fixed on the car that had vanished in the distance.She thought to herself,
Wayne doesn't seem to have come all this way to meet me, but to meet Jasper.I hope that things
wouldn’t go wrong between them.

It was still early afternoon, so she went to see Peace at the sanitarium and told her what had

She said, "What do you think the two of them will do? They don't seem to know much about each other,
do they? The two of them have only even met a few times."

Peace sat by the window, unusually quiet, reading a magazine.She then said, without looking up,
"According to what I know about Jasper, he may be trying to figure out how much Wayne truly loves
you.But I'm not sure about Wayne.Don't you know him better than I do?"

Anna, on the other hand, had no idea.

She lowered her head in embarrassment.

After a brief moment, Peace raised her head and asked, "Why aren't you talking? Do you have any
idea what he's up to?"

Anna blinked awkwardly before explaining, "Wayne is a one-of-a-kind person.So even if I spent my
entire life with him, I'd have no idea what he was up to.He never follows the rules and enjoys surprising
people.He's the same way when he's working, you see.So, I really have no idea about what he’s up to."

With wide eyes, Peace said, "You don't seem to like men who play by the rules, do you? You like men
who keep you guessing, and you like them to give you surprises."

"What are you talking about?"

Peace approached Anna and said, "I'm simply curious.I've met a lot of men, but Jasper is definitely in
the top three.No offense, dear.I recently read a book that said that if you think about getting divorced
before getting married, it will most likely happen later.

It's all about a woman's intuition."

"What exactly do you mean?"

"mean, what do you think will be the reason if you and Wayne divorce later?"

"If I answer your question, does that mean we'll divorce later?" she asked.

"Don't be nervous, I'm just asking.It won't necessarily happen.What do you have in mind?"

"Well, we might get divorced because what's between us doesn’t seem real,"

Anna thought for a moment before saying.

"What exactly do you mean?"

"I felt as if everything was surreal after meeting him.We don't even date like a typical couple.When you
were dating Karl, you two went on dates, went shopping together, quarreled, and made up.And it's all

Peace nodded and asked, "So you and Wayne never went on a date?"

Anna grumbled as she thought of that, "OK, enough about that."

Wayne was usually extremely busy at work and had to travel frequently.

As a result, he couldn't go on a date with Anna.

They'd never even seen a film together.

Anna felt it did not matter, but she was still upset by it.

She believed that if she and Wayne married, she would never be able to date again, which would be a

The two women chatted casually about their thoughts.

They were unaware that Karl was standing outside the room’s door, listening in on their conversation.

And he thought he'd found a way to get Wayne to forgive him.It was late at night.

In a Queens bar, a jazz band was playing soothing music.

Jasper and Wayne sat at the bar, each holding a glass of whiskey.

Jasper started their conversation with an awkward question: "I'm not sure if you'll give me your wedding

Wayne gave him a calm look and said, "Anna doesn't have a lot of friends.She had made the guest list
the day before, but I hadn't looked at it.Why don't you ask her yourself? After all, you're her friend."

Jasper said even more provocatively, "And if I attend the wedding, how will you introduce me?"

"At weddings, we don't introduce guests." Wayne frowned as he spoke.

"Anna and I have that part of our wedding," Jasper said with a deliberate smile.

"If you're still hoping Anna will get back together with you, you should dream on.

She trusts you, and you don’t want to lose her trust, do you?"

"Really? She trusts me?"

Jasper was, indeed, a wise man.He was able to get Wayne to say what he wanted to hear and to talk
about what he wanted to talk about with just a few words.

"You come from a very traditional family, so you don't mind that Anna and I got married before?"

Taking a sip of the cocktail in his hand, Jasper asked.

"I know that your marriage was a sham.She married you for the sake of getting a green card."

Then Jasper gave him a thoughtful look and said, "Men and women have the same level of suspicion in
terms of relationships.You believed Anna when she said our marriage was a sham.But I know you're
the type of man who believes nothing but his own eyes and evidence.Do you really believe what she
said? And even if you did believe it, have you ever wondered who Tammy's father is? As you know, she
has dated a few guys before meeting you."

"What exactly are you trying to say?" Wayne asked, tightening his grip on the glass in his hand.

"If you suspect Anna or want to know about her past, you'd better perish the thought," Jasper said

"This is between her and me.So, just stay out of it."

"If you dare to hurt Anna again I will definitely step in." Jasper said flatly.

He didn't appear to be the gentleman he usually was, but rather hostile.

Wayne kept thinking about Jasper's words.He couldn't figure out why Anna hadn't mentioned Tammy's
father.He thought he'd been honest enough with Anna, but she seemed to be hiding many things from

At that precise moment, the cell phone in Wayne's pocket vibrated, interrupting their conversation.

Wayne then answered the phone.

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