Novel Name : Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand

Chapter 346

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Alter getting the bills, Anna immediately rushed back to the town without even having time to rest. She
hadn’t slept all day, and it was. already late. Afraid she’d fall asleep while driving, she bought a lot of

Right after Anna arrived at Jennie’s hotel, she handed her the check. Meanwhile, Jennie appeared
relieved and said, “Thank you!”

“You’re welcome,” Anna smiled and said. She didn’t say anything about the bracelets because she
feared Jennie would feel pressured.

“I’ve thought it through. Ryan will go to school in America as planned after this, and | will travel
somewhere else. William won’t be able to find me anymore,” Jennie said.

Anna replied, “Don’t worry, he’ll get his karma one day. The law will punish him.”

Then Jennie looked down at her watch and said, “Well, | hope so. You can have a good rest now, and
I’ve got a room ready for you. You’ve gone through a lot for me over the last few days, and | appreciate

Anna said, “No, thanks. I’m not tired.” Just as she finished speaking, she yawned and then blinked

Seeing that, Jennie smiled, reached out her hand, and said, “Thank you very much, Anna. Thank you
for helping me. Wayne is really lucky to have you.”

Anna blushed immediately when her future mother-in-law complimented her. After that, she went
upstairs, took a shower, and went to bed. Later, she heard a knock on the door, and Jennie asked her
in a ;346 Wayne Is So Lucky to Have, gentle voice, “Anna, are you asleep?”

“No. | didn’t lock the door. You can come in.”

Then Jennie came in with a tray and said, “It’s been quite cold lately, so | made some chicken soup for
you. It’s a family recipe my mother gave me, and it’s super delicious.”

“It smells so good!” Anna exclaimed as she sat up.

Jennie placed the bowl on the bedside table and sat next to Anna, saying, “You can eat it in bed if you
want. You don’t have to be so polite with me.”

Hearing that, Anna felt touched as she sipped her chicken soup and looked at Jennie. Jennie struck
her as a generous, beautiful, and gentle Woman. She was not only mature but also very sweet. Anna
felt she could describe her with all the wonderful words in the world, and she finally realized why Ryan
said he liked women like his mother.

Thinking of that, Anna said slowly, “Actually, | sincerely hope you can clear things up with Wayne.
Wayne always minded that you used to spend little time with him. He misses you, even though he
complains about you a lot.

Jennie paused, saying, “I know Wayne is a good boy.” However, Jennie knew she could not live as she
did the way she wanted to. She would always be bound by the opinions and views of others.

“Have you ever considered what will happen if you tell Wayne everything? | believe he would
understand you.”

Jennie immediately refused, as if she had already considered it and made a decision. “No, | can’t,” she

“Why? Because you’re worried about what other people think of you? It doesn’t matter; all you need is
for him to understand you.” 346 Wayne Is So Lucky to Have.

Jennie smiled, trying her best to pretend she didn’t care. She said, “He wouldn’t accept the truth that
easily, and he always felt that James was the closest person in the world to him. He wasn’t very close
tome when he was a kid, so | didn’t really care what he thought about me. But | can’t ruin the image of
his father in his mind. Besides, how is he supposed to get along with the Wrights if he knows the truth?”

Anna felt her heart skip a beat. Wayne had always been a proud man. So, if he knew he had nothing to
do with the Wrights, he probably wouldn’t even care about their group anymore. Besides, Peter might
not be able to accept the outcome.

Smiling tenderly, Jennie added, “One can’t always get what they want. So, | can’t be too greedy.
Actually, I’ve been very happy with my life for now. Thank you, Anna, but you don’t have to worry about
me. Well… Good evening.”

With that, Jennie took the bowl and walked away. Anna raised her head and paused for a long

As Jennie was about to shut the door, Anna said, “James has passed away. So, the bond between
Wayne and him will always be the same. But we can change things because we are still alive. You
should think about it again.”

“Good night, Anna,” Jennie said as she shut the door.

Anna was feeling bad about that. And she fell asleep as soon as she lay down on her bed because she
had been so exhausted recently. She slept for along time without even hearing her phone ring.

It was nearly noon the next day when Anna awoke.

“Isn’t Jennie up yet?” she asked as she walked downstairs to say hello to Sally, who was sitting at the
front desk.

Sally blinked and said, “She left early in the morning. Didn’t she tell ;346 Wayne Is So Lucky to Have, s

you that? “

“What? Where did she go?”

“I’m not sure about that. But | saw that she left with her suitcase”

Anna’s eyes widened in surprise as she reached for her phone. She was about to call Jennie when she
noticed several unread text messages.

Jennie texted Anna in the early morning, “I called William, and | will get it over with alone in three days.
You’ve been a huge help to me, and | can’t put you in danger any longer. Thank you very much.”

Anna was extremely uneasy, thinking, Ofcourse, William only wants Jennie to go there alone. But, like
she said, he’s a bold criminal. He might hurt Jennie and Ryan even if he gets the money. | have to do
something about it.

Anna immediately asked Sally, “Do you know where she’s been?”

Sally closed her eyes and started remembering. “She used the computer here to log into the airline
account!” she exclaimed after a while.

“Would you check it out for me?” Anna asked.

They both walked over to the computer at the front desk. Sally looked at it for a while and said, “Last
night, she bought a ticket to Seriel City. Let’s see, that plane takes off at 8:00 a.m.”

Upon hearing that, Anna hurried out, clutching her bag. While driving, Anna called Jasper and said,
“Will you please do me a favor? Is the tracking

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