Novel Name : Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand

Chapter 270

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She’s Just Betting

“So, you and Wayne are back together?” Peace asked while she was on a video call with Anna.

Peace appeared to be in good spirits and was looking forward to hearing the big gossip from Anna.

Wayne had moved into Anna’s bedroom since they had slept with each other that night

Since he didn’t have to go to work anymore, Wayne had more time to spend with Anna and drive her to
and from work daily.

As a result, they were more intimate. Anna, however, was still unsure about their relationship.

She couldn’t figure it out on her own and wanted to seek advice from others. Peace, after all, was the
only one who knew what was going on between them, which was why she turned to her for help.

“Actually, | think that’s perfectly fine. You and Wayne are already back together, so you don’t have to
worry about it too much. His son is your son, and your daughter is his daughter. So, Anna, stop
overthinking it.” Peace said patiently.

Anna, on the other hand, appeared unsure.

“But, to be honest, | always felt guilty that | was lying to him,” she replied.

Anna was aware that Wayne had treated her very well recently. He was willing to do anything to please
her and even doted on Tammy very much.

That night, Anna would have resisted the temptation hadn’t she known that Wayne wanted to find
Matthew’s birth mother.

It was the last bright day before the storm arrived for her. So, she desired to protect herself by doing so.

Anna reasoned that if Wayne discovered she was Matthew’s mother, she could pretend she didn’t know
anything about it. Things would be simpler if that was the case.

She felt sure that Wayne would never mention the past to her since they were already dating.

All she was doing was gambling. Anna wanted to see if Wayne cared about her.

Peace sniffled and said, “Actually, | think you’re making things too complicated. If | were you, | would
have told him the truth before he finds out about it. If you’re afraid he’ll take Tammy away from you,
then send her to America and let Jasper look after her. Wayne can’t go there and kidnap her, can he?”

“Oh! | need some time to think about it.” With a frown, Anna stated.

Even if she was going to confess to Wayne, she felt it was

not the best time to do so.

“Huh? Do you have enough time to think of that? | thought you were going to clean up the mess at your
dad’s Group? Are those executives of your dad’s company willing to listen to you?”

Anna exclaimed angrily as she thought of that, “Hell, no! I’ve had two board meetings and only half of
them have attended them. I’m going to hang up now, dear, because | have another meeting coming up.
This time, I’ll make sure everyone is present.”

Anna leaned back on her chair and pinched her nose, feeling worried after cutting the video.

In fact, the Group’s financial situation was not as dire as rumors suggested. The Group was only in
disarray because there was a problem with the cash flow.

As a result, Anna immediately made quick decisions about the financing, reorganized her shares, and
invested all of Frank’s insurance money in the company. Anna had since become the Group’s majority

shareholder holding 36% of the shares.

She did not, however, own as many shares as Shirley and Allie. Allie’s shares were transferred to her
mother after she died. Since Shirley had disappeared, Anna had to manage the company as Chairman.

Nobody on the board, however, listened to her.

There were seventeen people on the board, including Shirley. Furthermore, half of them were Shirley’s
nephews and nieces.

Rachel Turner, Shirley’s third brother’s daughter, was the one who enjoyed opposing Anna the most.

Anna was attempting to get rid of all three finance department heads. So, she anticipated that a tough
battle was waiting for her.

Anna had just finished speaking out her thoughts at the meeting when Rachel said, “What are you
doing? Why do you want to fire the entire finance department? Are you attempting to fire the entire
company, Anna Gabriel? Remember, you’re only the acting Chairman. The real Chairman is still my

Rachel was one of those rich girls who had no understanding of finance and was best at throwing
tantrums and causing trouble.

Anna knew she couldn’t argue with Rachel, so she didn’t even bother to talk to her.

Anna glanced at her coldly and said, “Although | am only acting Chairman, | can exercise the powers of
that position. As long as | am in this position, you all must listen to me. The three finance department
heads are getting old and have a lot of vested interests in the company. As a result, | don’t believe they
can contribute anything to the company.”

Rachel immediately responded with contempt, “No, | don’t agree with you. Not only that, but | doubt my
great uncle, father, or any of my uncles would agree with you!”

As she closed the folder, Anna said, “So, let’s stop talking about it. I’m not going to argue with you
about it; I’m just going to tell you what I’ve decided. You’ll have the authority to deny me only IF you are
the Chairman.”

She then stood up and exited the conference room. At that point, Anna’s assistant, Mona, informed
everyone that they were free to leave. Actually, the meeting was called off after only five minutes
because Rachel said too many stupid things.

Furthermore, none of the senior staff said anything.

Anna finally knew why the Gabriel Group had become so screwed up and almost bankrupt because of
a small break in the financial chain.

Anna walked out of the conference room in style without hesitation. At that moment, she heard
someone angrily yelling

her name behind her, “Wait! Anna!”

Anna knew it was Rachel. She stopped and turned to face

Rachel, who looked extremely angry.

“It appears to me that you are doing this not to help the group, but to see it fail!” Rachel snarled.

“What? Don’t be silly! You know that I’m one of the Group’s biggest shareholder. If the Group fails, | will
lose a lot of money.” Anna replied, looking at her in disbelief.

Rachel complained angrily, “| have no idea what the hell you’re thinking! But don’t expect everyone to
listen to you. You’re proud to be a shareholder, right? Actually, I’m also a shareholder. My father, my
uncle, and | have roughly the same

number of shares as you. So, we’re not going to listen to you! Anna Gabriel, who do you think you
are?! Remember that the Carousel Group can no longer back you up. Your loser boyfriend has been
kicked out of his family!”

Almost everyone knew Anna and Wayne were in a relationship. In addition, Wayne’s feud with his
grandfather over her had become the most talked-about topic in town.

Wayne used to have a condescending attitude toward everyone. So, people gloated over that he ended
up relying on his girlfriend. Furthermore, it allowed those he had previously offended to laugh at him
about it.

When she felt someone put their hand on her shoulder, Anna heard a familiar cold voice saying, “| hope
you would ask yourself where you got that little share before you call someone a ‘loser’.”.


Wayne put one hand on Anna’s waist and looked at Rachel with a cold gaze.

Even then, he still looked like the proud man he was.

Rachel panicked when she saw him but quickly composed herself and said, “What the hell are you
doing here?! This is a matter between board members of the Gabriel Group, and it’s none of your
business! You’re nothing more than an outsider!”

Wayne glanced at her grimly and said, “Yes, it has nothing to do with outsiders. But, it has something to
do with the new head of finance department of the Gabriel Group.”

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