Novel Name : Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand

Chapter 259

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Ryan said sternly, “It‘s just my speculation, Anna. But I think it‘s probably the truth.”

Everyone in Birmingham knew Wayne didn‘t like dating or being around women. Ada was Wayne‘s
companion for the past six years, and she was the sole exception.

In any case. Ada was a relatively unknown actress.

Peter used to think of her as Wayne‘s future wife because she had something out of the ordinary.
Therefore, she was not only intelligent, but she also had someone tell her what to do.

Anna felt a shiver running down her spine as she reflected on this. Plus, she reasoned that even
Wayne might not have known about it.

Ryan smiled as he noticed Anna‘s worried expression and said, “Stop thinking about it, Anna. I‘ll
definitely look into this for you. If Ada is truly working with Richard, you should notify Wayne and advise
him to be more cautious of her.”

Anna came to her senses and asked, surprised, “Huh? Do I have to tell him that?”

Ryan nodded and cast a thoughtful glance at the bedroom door. He saw that there were swaying
shadows there.

Then he said, “OK, Anna, I should get going. Otherwise, the door will be slammed.” Anna froze for a
moment, unsure about what he was saying. “OK, good night,” she simply replied. Anna sat on her bed,
thinking about it after Ryan had left.

She wondered whether Ada truly loved Wayne if she worked with Richard and how much time and
effort had she put into getting Richard president of the group.

Anna was so engrossed in her thoughts that she didn‘t even notice Wayne entering the room.

Then Anna came back to her senses after hearing him gently close the door. She froze, turned around
and saw Wayne standing in front of her.

He was wearing the floral shirt and beige slacks they had just bought, and his hair was still wet. He‘d
used Anna‘s new shower gel, making him smell like the best jasmine in her parder

*Anna, I can‘t find a hair dryer,” he said.

Anna paused for a moment before responding. “Ah! It‘s on my nightstand. Wait a mingte, I‘ll go get it for

“No, I‘ll gp got it myself” Wayne en proceeded to the bedside table.

Anna meile the rich cent of jasmine flowers in the breeze as he walked past her, After that, she froze
and didn‘t come back to her senses for quite some time

Anna thought, Wayne, are you to all here to get the hair dryer Hult, the case

why did you shut the door?

“Wayne, it‘s up there inside the top drawer.” Anna reminded him.

Wayne sat on the bedside and opened the drawer. Instead of taking out the hair dryer, he stared at the
drawer for a while.

Anna approached him, perplexed, and asked, “It‘s not there? Oh, that can‘t be right! Let me have a

The drawer was illuminated by the bedside lamp.

Anna noticed an unpacked blue box inside when she walked over to the bed. Then, she came to a halt,
and her entire face flushed.

She realized that it was a box of condoms.

Then she shouted secretly in her heart, Damn! I should‘ve got rid of them a long time ago! This is so
damn embarrassing!

Wayne raised his head and asked calmly, “Is this the box of condoms we had used earlier?”

Anna looked at him awkwardly, and then asked coldly, “Huh? What exactly do you mean? Do you think
I‘ll use it again after I break up with you?”

Wayne replied, looking less perplexed, “No, that‘s not what I meant. I was just thinking that we used to
use the entire box whenever we had sex. If this box of condoms were the one we had used before, it
should‘ve been empty.”

In a panic, Anna scrambled to get the hair dryer out of the drawer and said incoherently, “OK, shut…
shut up! Just take it and get out!”

She had no idea that the more nervous she became, the more likely she was to make a mistake. The
wire tugged on the condom box and ripped it out of the drawer with a “pop” sound as she reached for
the hair dryer.

The box then landed on the floor.

Anna thought she couldn‘t possibly be any more embarrassed when she noticed the condom on the
floor. She froze, unsure about whether she should pick it up.

Then she peeked at Wayne. When she saw his handsome face, she somehow thought of the scene in
which they French kissed passionately for ten minutes.

All of a sudden, she felt as if ants were crawling on her heart, itching her.

She thought, Wayne, you‘re such a jerk! How the hell did you keep your cool after kissing me for so
long? And why the hell are you so calm when you saw those stupid condoms? We‘ve already broken
up with each other! You‘re supposed to be embarrassed, okay?!

In comparison to Anna, who felt awkward, Wayne was extremely calm. He knelt to pick up the condom
box and handed it to Anna. Then he extended another hand to her,

Anna immediately took a step back and asked, “Huh? What do you want?” Wayne looked at her calmly
and said, “Please give me the hair dryer.”

Anna was at a loss for words, and she handed him the hair dryer. Meanwhile, she felt as if she couldn‘t

Wayne handed her the box of condoms as if to tease her and said, “Thanks, Oh, by the way, this is

Anna felt like it was a miracle that she didn‘t break down at this point,

Anna tried her best to take the condom box calmly. But, just as her fingertips were about to touch the
box of condoms, she couldn‘t hold back her rape any longer

She snatched the box and slammed it into Wayne‘s body.

She yelled, “Oh, no! Don‘t ever annoy me like that again! Wayne Wright, you‘re the biggest moron on
this whole f*****g planet!”

Anna had a gentle temper, but when she became enraged, she was terrilying,

Her entire body trembled with rage, and she vented all of her frustration at the moment.

She said, “You tried to use my sympathy for Matthew and let me cook at your grandpa‘s house. So, I
went for Matthew‘s sake. Well, I didn‘t expect that you would show up with your lovely “fiancee” while I
was there! You and your damn grandpa implied that I was a frivolous woman and that I was not good
enough for you.”

“Since I had no way to argue with you, I could only be away with you. Anyway, I didn‘t expect you to
show up at my door! I let you stay here because we used to date, but you continued to humiliate me! Is
this your attempt to demonstrate that you are a charming man? Do you believe every woman can‘t get
over you after leaving you?”

Wayne looked at Anna blankly, not seeming to agree to what she said. He did not, however, say a
single word in his own defense.

So, Anna assumed that he was acquiescing to that.

She became even angrier, yanked a pillow from the bed, and smacked Wayne hard, saying, “Get the
hell out of here!”

Wayne felt no pain when the light latex pillow landed on his body.

Anna was so exhausted after throwing everything she could at Wayne that she was out of breath.
Then, with a shaking finger, she pointed at Wayne.

Wayne pushed everything on the bed to the side, sat on the bed, and looked at her calmly. Although
Anna had lost her mind, Wayne remained composed.

Anna was enraged when she saw his calm demeanor.

“So, you can‘t get over me, can you? Do you miss me?” Wayne asked in a deep voice.

Anna denied it, “Hell no! I‘m not that stupid!” Wayne asked peacefully, “So, why are you so emotional?”

Anna was still dressed in the same outfit she had been wearing earlier: loose brown wide–leg pants
and a light blue sweater cardigan. Because she was so agitated and threw almost everything she could
grab at Wayne with all her strength just now, her cardigan exposed hall of her shoulders.

Anna was trembling and couldn‘t stop breathing heavily. Anna thought, Damn it! I hate to admit it, but
you‘re right, Wayne / wouldn‘t have cared

about what you said to me if I were over you. So, what made me so agitated?

Heck, I have previously lied to myself and tried to convince myself that I was over you. However, you
just showed up in my life again and again unexpectedly, showing that you need me, and Matthew, my
son, needs me. How the hell can I calm down when you keep pushing me like this?

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