Novel Name : Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand

Chapter 261

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Oh, yeah. The last manager told me that this lady was about 23 years old and very attractive. She took
the necklace to the store and inquired who had ordered it.”

The store manager‘s voice was so loud that it jolted Wayne awake like a siren.

Wayne only knew one woman with the surname Gabriel, and that was Anna, so he naturally suspected

However, in the next second, he felt that he was wrong. He and Anna hadn‘t even met six years before,
so he assumed she couldn‘t have had the necklace.

Wayne had another assumption at that point.

He‘d always suspected he‘d lost the necklace when he stayed the night with the surrogate mother six
years ago. However, Leo, the butler at the time, stated that he had asked that woman about that, and
she did not have it.

To Wayne‘s surprise, Leo abruptly resigned after bringing Matthew home from the hospital. Wayne
asked Gable to find out what happened to Leo but only learned that he had

died in an accident.

Wayne remembered that whenever he tried to figure out who the surrogate mother was, someone
would stop him in the dark.

As a result, he assumed Leo was keeping something about the surrogate mother from him.

When Wayne looked up, he noticed a line of birds flying neatly past the window, making the clear sky

Wayne looked out of the window and pondered for a while before calling Gabe and saying, “Gabe, are
you awake? Would you like to go to my grandfather‘s house right now? I‘m hoping that you can ask
Henry, who has previously worked with Leo who that surrogate mother is. I don‘t mind how you get
them to talk, but I just hope that you‘ll find out who she is.”

Gabe froze for a moment before returning to his senses and saying, “Yes, I‘ll do it right


Wayne went into the bathroom after hanging up the phone and grabbing Anna‘s pajamas from the

He thought, Is there really something wrong with that surrogate mother? So, what could go wrong?
Why did Leo suddenly quit after working at our house for so long? I have to figure it out.

When Wayne saw Anna sleeping in the bathtub, he had an absurd thought. But, because it was so
unbelievable, he dismissed it right away.

Anna slept for several hours and didn‘t wake up until noon. When she woke up, she heard several
people making a lot of noise in the living room.

Later, she realized that they were Tammy and Matthew.

In the living room, the two children were watching television. Tammy wanted to see a replay of Scott‘s
concert, but Matthew refused. So, when she wasn‘t paying attention, he changed the channel. Then,
they started to have a little fight.

Anna didn‘t see Ryan, but she was surprised to see Wayne in the kitchen. For her, it was one of those
“pinch me” moments.

Anna stroked her unkempt hair and stood in the bedroom doorway for a long time, staring at them

Tammy then ran up to Anna, looked her in the eyes, and asked curiously, “Mom, why did you get up so
late? Oh! What happened to your lips?”

Anna froze for a moment before covering her mouth when she realized what Tammy was talking about.

Then she stammered, “Oh, well, I bumped into the closet by accident yesterday, and my lips were then
swollen. It’s no big deal, honey.”

Tammy grabbed her pants and tried to lead her out the door, saying, “Oops! Does it hurt, Mommy? Let
me take you to the hospital! Come on!”

Anna declined awkwardly and stated, “It‘s really not a big deal, honey. I don‘t need to go to the hospital.
You should watch TV with Matthew now.”

Anna walked past the two kids and got into the kitchen to get a glass of water. As soon as she walked
in, she noticed that Wayne was looking at her intently.

“What‘s the problem? Let me see how swollen your mouth is!” Wayne said as he moved closer to

Anna immediately backed up as her entire face turned bright red. She spoke softly, “Geez… Please
don‘t get any closer.”

Wayne reached out and wrapped his arm around Anna‘s waist, drawing her in closer. Teasingly, he
said, “Let me take a look. Which closet did you bump into? What a stupid closet! Let‘s take it down,
shall we?”

Anna became enraged right away and struggled. She slammed her fist into Wayne‘s chest and said,
“That‘s enough! Stop teasing me.”

“But I don‘t think I‘m the only one who got satisfied.” “What exactly are you talking about?!” Anna
shouted right away. “Mommy, what‘s going on?” Tammy asked at that moment. Anna immediately
responded, “Nothing! I was just making coffee!”

Anna glared at Wayne and warned him, “Listen, you‘d better act like nothing had happened between us
last night.”

When Anna realized that Wayne was about to say something, she immediately said, “Well, don‘t ask
me for an explanation or something else. I haven‘t thought anything through. You know, I need time to
think about what happened last night. You‘d better shut up if you still want to stay at my house.”

Wayne remained silent, but he appeared to want to say something more.

When Anna noticed his expression, she asked angrily, “What‘s the problem, Wayne? What‘s on your
mind? Are you cursing me in your mind?”

To Anna‘s surprise, Wayne raised his eyebrows and said, “You‘re overthinking it. I just wanted to know
how you like your egg cooked?”

Anna was immediately embarrassed and felt as if she couldn‘t breathe. “Surprise me,” she said feebly.
She then walked out of the kitchen quickly after pouring herself a glass of water.

Wayne smiled meaningfully when he saw Anna‘s panicked expression and thought, Anna, you want to
slow things down, don‘t you? Well, I happened to have all the time in the world.

He realized the way they were getting along at that time reminded him of when they were still dating.
However, the only difference was that they just weren’t a couple anymore.

Wayne was okay with it, and he wondered if Anna liked the idea of having an undercover lover.

He didn‘t mind pretending to be with Anna for a while because she seemed to enjoy it. However, he
would only play the game with her for a short while.

After lunch, Andrew called Anna and asked her to come back to the office for a meeting. So, she asked
Wayne to take care of the two kids.

Before leaving the house, Anna placed her credit card on the coffee table, along with a few bills.

“You can take them to the supermarket if you need anything,” she said.

Wayne froze and realized what she meant after a brief moment of thinking. He lied to Anna last night
when he said he didn‘t have a penny on him.

However, he had no choice but to nod and say, “Okay.” “My credit card password is Tammy‘s birthday,”
Anna stated.

Yet, she froze after saying that, and then blinked restlessly before telling him the number.

Anna was flustered after that. Earlier, when she told Wayne Tammy‘s birthday, she lied to him and said
she was born in January on purpose.

She could only pray and hope that Wayne had utterly forgotten about it. So, she panicked and said,
“Well, Andrew is waiting for me, so I‘m going to go now.”

With that, she then grabbed her bag and prepared to put on her shoes,

Wayne was lost in thought as he looked at the money on the coffee table. Soon, he recalled the
password she‘d just told him.

He then raised his gaze to Anna. When he noticed how flustered she appeared, he became perplexed
and asked, “Was Tammy born in March? But you said earlier that she was born in January.”

After hearing that, Anna froze, and her face turned pale. She purposefully asked,” Oh? Really? Did I
say that?”

Anna was too afraid to turn around because Wayne would see how terrified she


Then Wayne approached her slowly and said, “Yes, you said she was born in January.”

Anna began to shake and replied incoherently, “Oh, um… When did I ever say that to you? I‘m sorry, I
totally forgot about it!”

At that point, Wayne had come up behind her and said, “Yes, you did. You know, Matthew‘s birthday
was in March. So, if Tammy had been born around the same time, I‘m sure I‘d remember it. Well, you
just said that Tammy was born on the same day as Matthew.”

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