Novel Name : Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand

Chapter 239

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Even though Wayne’s gaze became gloomy a bit, he remained silent.

After getting the pleasure of teasing him, Anna deliberately said again, “Actually, I can understand that
you may be into some kinky stuff. Besides, all the people in Birmingham have long wondered about
your s****l orientation. You see, Gabe and I are both your friends, so you can tell us the truth. In fact,
I’m just curious as to what could get two people into a fight in bed.”

Hearing that, Wayne looked even more upset. He managed to control his temper, though.

“Oh, I guess you didn’t have enough fun, you guys. Or, perhaps you didn’t decide who would be at the

Anna was making increasingly absurd predictions. She looked in the rearview mirror and saw that
Gabe was holding back his laughter so much that he was blushing.

Wayne said grimly, “Anna, you know my sexuality and what kinky stuff I’m into the best.”

His low voice echoed in the car, rendering all of Anna’s teasing impotent.

At that instant, Anna’s face began to blush. She didn’t even dare to look up since she was speechless,
thinking, Wayne, you i***t! How could you say that?

Seeing that Anna was speechless, Wayne became less irritated. He glanced at her and thought, you
don‘t seem to be as shameless as I imagined, Anna. Well, I didn‘t expect you to

blush as those words.

At that moment, the atmosphere became dull. Neither of them spoke, and they all felt oppressed.

Wayne realized that perhaps he had just been too blunt and had offended Anna. Then, he felt regretful.
He knew that no matter what Anna had done, whether it would upset him or what, a piece of his heart
would always belong to her exclusively.

After arriving at the hospital, the doctor treated the wound on Wayne’s face. Then, out of concern about
anything else happening to his ribs, he had Wayne perform a chest


While Gabe got his medication upstairs, the doctor left because he had to see other patients. As a
result, the two of them were left alone in the ER.

After a brief pause, Anna clenched her handbag and murmured, “Well, since you are fine, I’ll go.”

Wayne said as she was about to depart, “Hey, aren’t you going to explain what happened today?”

Anna froze for a moment and asked, “Huh? What do you want me to explain?” “Gerard asked you to go
to the hotel, and you did go there. Don’t tell me you went

there because you wanted to talk business with him.”

When Anna saw him at the hotel, she felt deeply moved. She had a hunch that Wayne went there
because he was looking for her, even though he wouldn’t confess it. However, Wayne’s subsequent
questioning irritated her.

Again, you doubted me. What exactly did you think I was going to do there, Wayne? Why don‘t you
believe that I was just there to talk business? Anna thought.

She knew exactly what Wayne was referring to.

Anna glanced at him in annoyance and regretted that she had just felt moved by him. She said, “Come
on, this is my own business. You didn’t tell me why you went to that hotel. So, why should I tell you?
Bye, I’m leaving.”

With those words, she turned around and prepared to leave.

“You know why I was in that hotel, right? Don’t be ungrateful, Anna!” With rage, Wayne said.

Anna calmed down and said indifferently, “Oh, really? Wayne, I appreciate you doing that. But, if it
weren’t for me, Gerard would have cracked your head open. We‘re even now.”

“What? What would you do with him if I didn’t go there?”

“You’ve already planned what I’m going to do for me. So I won’t tell you.” Anna said with her back
turned to him.

Then, she inclined her head and gave him a cold stare.

Wayne’s rage burned like fire when he noticed how frigid Anna was. Then he pulled her wrist and
forced her to sit on the bed without even thinking.

Inmediately gasping in amazement, Anna struggled as much as she could. However, it was all in vain.

“Hey! What do you want to do?! Let go of me!” Anna struggled hard. She lowered her voice because
she was worried that others might hear her scream.

Wayne stood up and propped his muscular arms on either side of her shoulders. He blocked the light
that was supposed to shine on her face.

Anna couldn’t move at all.

Wayne was taken aback by how helpless he felt as he glanced at the woman looking up at him. After a
long time, he gritted his teeth and said, “Anna, you keep pushing my boundaries. Honestly, whenever I
think I have loved you, I feel like a fool.”

Anna was irritated when she heard him say that. Consequently, she said grumpily, “You know, you don’t
have to be a fool for the rest of your life. So, it’s not too late for you to stop!”

Wayne stared at her and squeezed her shoulders hard.

He leaned closer to Anna and said, “No, it’s already too late. You feel pain, don’t you? My heart hurt far
more than that when I heard you say those words. Anna, I never thought before that I would feel
heartbroken for a woman one day. What were you doing when I was feeling depressed? You were
dating the man who gave you that damn green card! And the

three of you looked like a happy family!”

Anna bit down hard on her lower lip to prevent her from moaning from the pain. However, tears came to
the corners of her eyes because of the pain.

She felt like she hated Wayne to the guts. He caused all the tragedies that happened to her. Yet, he
treated himself as a victim and kept questioning her.

“Do you think that’s enough? If that’s it, then let go of me.” She uttered the words from her clenched
teeth. Her forehead was covered with cold sweat.

However, Wayne didn’t look like he wanted to let go of her. He was hoping to see her struggle,
retaliate, or maybe swear. However, she resisted him in such an indifferent way and did not respond to
what he said.

He said so many hurtful words to Anna. But in the end, he was the one who felt hurt.

Then Wayne said indifferently, “Oh? Do you think I’m humiliating you? Anna, what will you do when I let
you go? Will you call the police again?”

When they spoke about the past, they were not thinking of the good memories but of the tragedy that
happened when they broke up. They both experienced heartbreak as they recalled that incident.

The nerves throughout Anna’s entire body tensed up at that very moment. And she worried that Wayne
would do something aggressive in the next second.

At that very moment, she expressed her deepest feelings of fear. When Wayne saw it, he froze and
then immediately regretted it. He slowly let go of Anna.

He used to believe that only he could manage his emotions and that no one else could actually have an
impact on him. But after he met Anna, he felt that his carefully planned life had suffered a major
breakdown. Then, everything changed its course.

After learning that Gerard had asked her out to the hotel, Wayne became preoccupied the entire
evening at the dinner party. He wondered just how crazy Anna was and whether she would go to that
hotel for money or not. He knew, after all, that Anna had married a total stranger for green cards a few
years ago.

When he thought about it, he became irritated. He had never thought before that one day he would fall
in love with a woman who would do anything for money.

“Get out,” Wayne said to Anna abruptly in a hoarse and indifferent voice.

Anna was still clutching her handbag. Hearing these words, her nerves relaxed a little.

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