Novel Name : Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand

Chapter 237

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Ada stopped and then ed. “What? What you going to do? “On don’t be homout dont want to do
anything I’

must making plans for my future.

The palm trees in front of the hotel attied at the cool autumn brerie blew their leaves When Ada saw
Richard’s calm face the couldn’t help but shuddet

Anna followed the son around a remote area for quite some time before finding the Moonlight hotel
brand a bat in the corner She had just entered the building when she noticed the receptonit ging het a
peculiar look

She walked upstairs just in time to see the door of one room open, and the cleaning lady was cleaning

Looking inside the room, Anna was immediately startied

The purple light illuminated the whole room, and then there was a tall black and red $*x swing right in
the doorway. Also some used whips and candles scattered on the

+25 Pants

237 I’ll forog Kill You! floor.

Anna immediately felt sick and realized why the hotel was located in such a remote place. At this point,
she remembered that the lady at the front desk was dressed slutty and was looking at everyone who
walked in with lustful eyes.

Anna thought to herself, I knew Gerard was a rich womanizer, but I didn‘t expect that he would be into
this kind of kinky stuff.

She walked around the fourth floor and failed to find room 419. She had just about convinced herself
that Gerard was pulling a fast one when she heard a loud alarm in the hallway. Then, as everyone in
the hallway began to panic, a few people who looked like managers walked over quickly.

“Hey, something happened on the top floor! Tell the store manager that!” “I just saw it, and there’s blood
all over the place! Someone might be dying.” “Call the police!”

“What? We can’t call the police! We can’t let them see this hotel! Call the security, and then call an

It was very chaotic there, so no one even noticed Anna.

And when Anna heard that people might die upstairs, she still hit a jolt.

What? What happened? And, why didn‘t anyone here call the police?

Thinking of this, Anna immediately took out her cell phone and dialed 911. She said, “Hello, I’m at the
Moonlight Hotel. Someone’s dying here! Yes, please hurry


Anna looked around after making the call and saw that no one was paying attention to her. Shre
immediately went up the stairway entrance, ready to take pictures in case the police needed them.

Anna knew that this run-down hotel maybe was for p**********n. Although this place appeared to be an
erotic hotel, there were actually many prostitutes working there.

This hotel had 15 floors. The room where the accident happened was at the end of the corridor on the
15th floor.

When Anna went to the door, she saw a group of people had gathered there, most of whom were hotel

Among them, a strong man said in a Scottish accent, “Hey! What are you guys doing? Why don’t you
stop them?”

“What? We don’t dare to walk in there! Dude, we‘re waiting for security!”

“What the f**k is going on here? I heard a fight happening here as I was about to fall asleep. Why
would anyone get into a fight in a hotel like this? Don’t they know how to communicate?”

When Anna entered the room, she found that the door had been closed. So, she couldn’t see what was
happening inside.

She glanced at the Scottish man and said, “Hello, excuse me, do you know what’s happening here?”

That enthusiastic man looked at Anna in surprise and then said, “Oh, I just heard about someone
sleeping with someone else’s fiance. Well, what are you doing out here?”

Anna immediately waved her hand and said, “Oh, it’s not what you think. I’m here to look for

The man laughed and said, “Gee. My wife and I were traveling here, and the nearby hotels were all
booked. So, we want to stay here tonight.”

Instead of continuing chatting with him, Anna took out her phone and tried to record a video. On her
toes, she raised the phone and attempted to record what was happening in that room.

“Hey, can you do that? Let me help you.”

The man then immediately took Anna’s phone away. When Anna looked up, she saw that he was
recording a video of the room with her phone.

When the waiter saw that he was taking pictures, he immediately got anxious and said, “Oh, sir! You
can’t take pictures here!”

“Oh, it’s not me who wants to take the picture; it’s this girl. She’s short and can’t do that by herself. “The
man said in a determined tone.

The skinny waiters around him could only nervously stop him because he was tall and strong.

Anna, who was standing behind him, was horribly embarrassed and was impressed by the man’s

While the waiters were reasoning with that man, some people watching the drama by the door left. That
way, Anna could see what was really going on there. The first thing she noticed was that the room was
messy, with devices dropped on the floor and broken light bulbs.

Anna could see a man hitting someone on the bed through the thin purple curtain around him. The
sound of his fist hitting another man was frightening.

Just as Anna sighed, she looked closely at the man and suddenly realized that she seemed to know

What? s**t! Isn‘t he…

Anna immediately made her way out of the crowd and entered the room. When she had just pulled
back the veil, she saw that man’s face.

She became horrified and then exclaimed, “Wayne!” At the sound of Anna’s voice, Wayne froze as

At that moment, the man lying beneath him punched him hard. So, Wayne grunted and then collapsed
on the bed.

The tables had been turned, and he had become the weaker one.

Gerard grabbed the bedside lamp and immediately smashed it against the back of Wayne’s head. He
shouted, “I’ll f*****g to kill you!”

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