Novel Name : Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand

Chapter 229

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Gabe’s anxious voice echoed in the large VIP hospital room, “They didn’t say anything else in the
meeting. But as you know, one of our projects in Leeds was canceled. So, many people on the board
wanted you to explain it to them. Mr. Taylor said some good words for you, but Mr. Davis almost got
into a fight with him.”

“Okay, got it.”

Wayne had taken off his patient clothes and put on a black haute couture suit. The suit fit his muscular
body perfectly and concealed the bandages on his back.

When he got up, he didn’t look like he’d been seriously injured.

“Do the discharge paperwork for me, please.” “But, the doctor said you can’t leave here yet.”

Wayne acted as if he hadn’t heard the words. After buttoning his jacket, he walked out of the ward with
a big stride. Before he left, he said indifferently, “Get me out of the hospital, Gabe, and figure out what
you’re going to tell them.”

Gabe thought there was nothing he could do but watch Wayne leave. He sighed, and then walked after

Wayne suffered from two broken ribs in his chest, which could have compressed the heart’s nerves.
So, he should stay in the hospital for at least one month, according to the doctor.

Wayne, though, gave the impression that he didn’t give a damn.

When the elevator reached the top floor where they were, Gabe followed Wayne into it.

At the same time, the elevator next to it arrived. A nurse came out first pushing a surgical bed, followed
by a large group of people. Among them, a slim woman stood there helplessly.

Because it was so crowded, she couldn’t even take a step, and all she could do was to be pushed
forward by the crowd.

Wayne and Anna turned around at the same time, but they brushed past one other since it was so
noisy there.

Anna asked the nurse at the front desk which ward Wayne was in. She was shocked when she learned
that Wayne had left there.

“What? How is that possible? I came over as soon as I heard he was here. Are you sure you’re not

The nurse patiently explained to her, “Yes, he’s already left the hospital, and he just finished the
procedure. Did you come from the elevator over there? He just left! Maybe you just bypassed him.”

Anna froze and asked, “Huh? Has he just left?”


“Yes. Just now, a man who appears to be his assistant checked him out of the hospital. They simply…”

A senior nurse standing next to her interrupted her before she could finish. She said, “They left. Well,
you can run after them if you really want to see him. His injuries are not serious. But you know, rich
people value their lives more than anything else. The doctor told him that he didn’t need to stay in the
hospital for so long. But, he was skeptical about it and stayed for days anyway.”

Anna snapped back to her senses and cast a confused glance at the nurse who had just spoken. She
looked less anxious as she thought about what the nurse had just said. Then, she smiled mockingly to

Why did I come here? I thought Wayne was seriously injured. It’s good that he happened to have left
the hospital. If he had known I was coming, he would have been sarcastic to me. Anna thought to

The young nurse at the front desk patted her chest in relief as she watched Anna leave. She said,
“Thank goodness you saved me! I almost said something I shouldn’t have! If the head nurse knows
this, she will blame me for it.”

“She just said that Mr. Wright’s assistant told her that if anyone asked about his illness, we couldn’t say
anything. So, you didn’t listen to her carefully just now, did you?”

The young nurse laughed awkwardly and said, “Oh, I heard her, of course. Well, I just didn’t expect
someone would ask me about it. It’s just too bizarre! It’s not like he has some kind of weird disease or
something. So, why can’t we tell anyone?”

Another nurse frowned and said, “Oh, you’re so naive! You know, all the people staying in the VIP ward
here are rich and powerful. I think everyone is on guard because the competition in large companies is
so fierce. If someone is unable to work because he’s sick, others will take his place at any time. So, he
definitely can’t let anyone know what kind of illness he has.”

The young nurse said in shock, “What? Oh my God! I had no idea at all. I’ve just.”

“Come on, stop thinking about it. Nothing bad happened, and she has left. You need to be careful
about such things later. I won’t tell our superiors about it, don’t worry. Well, you can now check on your
patients now.”

“Thank you, I’m on my way.”

Anna returned to her store first after leaving the hospital. To her delight, there were many customers

Andrew was also there because he was the designer. Like a salesperson, he followed the consumers
and explained the clothing’s materials and how comfortable they were. Moreover, he even listened
carefully to the consumers’ suggestions on the clothes.

“Mr. Cooper, good job! The clothes you designed were sold out both online and at the shop. Just now,
several customers complained to me that they didn’t get the clothes they wanted. So, they asked me to
make sure to save a few pieces for them when the next collection comes out.”


The clerk told Anna about the sales that day. Then she said, “Miss Gabriel, should we tell the
manufacturer to make more of those clothes?”

Anna shook her head in response as she glanced at Andrew, who was still speaking to the customers
in distance, and replied, “No, that won’t be necessary. Hang the samples in the store with a “out of
stock” sign once the clothing has been completely sold out.”

In fact, Anna had discussed this with Andrew before she opened her store. Andrew served as the chief
designer this time and designed a series of fall clothes. However, he told the factory that there should
be a limit on the number of pieces of each garment.

So, after the clothes hit the shelves, some of them had been sold out immediately.

Andrew, however, said that having the clothes go out of stock was his goal.

Anna positioned Lemon as a fashionable and affordable luxury brand. She realized that Lemon could
not compete with the well-known and expensive premium luxury brands. Regarding product price and
manufacturing speed, Lemon could not compete with fast fashion companies. So, they could only make
each piece of clothing into a boutique.

People want to make themselves the most unique person in the world. So, selling the clothes in limited
quantity would make consumers get satisfaction.

This demonstrated that Andrew was indeed a brilliant designer. In addition to creating exquisite clothes,
he was good at making the consumers feel impressed. In addition, he would try to increase the value of
each piece of clothing as much as possible.

After the customer followed the salespeople to the checkout, Anna walked up to Andrew and said
greeted him. She then asked, “Hey, how’s it going?”

“Oh, not bad, and it’s just like what you expected. Well, after the collection is sold, someone will surely
make copies of these clothes. You’ll have to get busy to make them disappear later.”

Anna laughed and didn’t seem to care about it at all. She said, “Don’t worry, I will sue them. Then, I can
use the money they compensated us for opening a few more stores. It’s quite a deal!”

Andrew still looked aloof and said, “Oh, I won’t care about that.”

“I’m going to visit Peace in a little while. Do you want to go with me, Andrew?”

Andrew frowned and replied, “I’m not going, and I don’t want to see how nuts she gets right now. Wait a
minute, Anna. Could you bring her something for me?”

With that, Andrew went to the warehouse. When he returned, he had a bag in his hand.

“Oh! What’s that?” Anna looked at the white fabric peeking out from inside the bag and asked curiously.

Andrew replied with disgust, “Nothing, just her graduation design.”

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