Novel Name : Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand

Chapter 210

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“You’re Lizzy, right?”

“Yeah.” The little girl nodded seriously. “Thank you for pushing me over, Lizzy.”

Anna stood up while smiling and holding the wheel. Then, the little girl’s parents immediately became
very surprised.

Anna said, “Thank you, my dear. See, I can stand up now! You know, it’s all because you helped me.”

The little girl’s eyes widened in shock and awe, and she said, “Wow, you can stand


“I’m so grateful to you that I want to give you this chocolate,” Anna said.

Anna handed the box of chocolates to the little girl. Then, she touched the girl’s head and said, “Thank
you very much, Lizzy. I hope you will not hesitate to help others when you see them in need the next

The little girl nodded as she took the chocolate. She locked her gaze on Anna’s leg for a long time and
then reluctantly left with her parents.

Anna sat in her wheelchair only after they had left. “Wow, looks like you’re good with kids!” Anna heard
Wayne say teasingly.

Anna rolled her eyes at him and said, “It’s all your fault! You shouldn’t have put me in a wheelchair in
the first place. You see, I can’t discourage her from helping others!”

Wayne also grabbed a box of chocolates and placed it in the cart.saying, “You are right. But, don’t
forget that we are in a supermarket. You gave her chocolates as a gift, but you didn’t pay for them.”

Anna realized she had made a huge mistake after hearing Wayne’s words. She immediately came
back to her senses and then tried to stand up.

It‘s so embarrassing! That couple didn‘t look very rich to me. It‘s expensive chocolate that costs several
hundred dollars a box. Anna thought to herself.

Wayne grabbed Anna’s shoulder and set her back in the wheelchair before she could

get up

Wayne said, “Well, I’ve just spoken to the supermarket manager, All the snacks the little girl is going to
buy today are on me.”

Anna breathed a sigh of ieliet and then asked, “What? When did you do that?” “Oh, right when you just
showed her the magic of standing up.” Hearing his words, Anna blushed with embarrassment,

Anna detended herself inmediately by saying, “Oh, it seems that you don’t know how to get along with
kids No wonder you and Matthew aren’t very close.”

Wayne laughed and said, “Well, it’s true that I don’t know about that. But, all I need to

do tonight is learn to make delicious codfish for you.”

The employees of the store were considerably friendlier than the residents of Anna’s neighborhood.
When they saw Anna in her wheelchair, they all offered her some food to taste.

Anna was particularly uneasy because she was about to have her period. As a result, she asked
Wayne to take her to the shelf of tampons.

In a deliberate attempt to make a fool of Wayne, Anna said she wanted to wait around for him and told
him to go buy them himself.

“Oh, I hope that you won’t buy the wrong one. You can ask the staff if you don’t know which one to get.”
She said.

Wayne nodded calmly and then pushed the cart toward that aisle.

Anna saw that Wayne had stuffed almost all the tampons on the shelf into the cart immediately after
walking to the shelf, which stunned Anna.

However, since Anna wanted to see Wayne make a fool of himself on purpose, she didn’t want to let
him have his way.

Anna said to the female staff member next to her, “Look, that man is my boyfriend. I just asked him to
get some tampons for me, but he had no idea which ones to get. So, could you help him? Could you
please tell him that he only needs to buy two packs of them? You see, I can’t walk right now.”

The staff immediately said, “Okay, I’ll help him now.”

After thanking her, Anna took a sip of water from the bottle she brought from home. Afterwards, she
was very much looking forward to seeing Wayne make a fool of himself.

As Anna expected, Wayne immediately stood still when the staff approached him. Then, his expression
became a little embarrassed.

Anna felt extremely excited and took out her phone to try to take a picture of him.

However, not long after, Anna found Wayne chatting happily with the staff. She then pointed to Anna
and then to the baby products,

Anna thought to herself, What the hell is going on? Are they talking about having a baby?

Soon, Wayne came back to her side with the cart. Although Anna told the staff to tell Wayne he only
needed buy a few packs of tampons, he still bought a lot.

Curious, Anna asked Wayne, “What did you just say to her? Why did she point at me and then at the
baby products? Did she want you to buy formula?”

“No, she suggested I get some diapers,” Wayne answered, his face expressionless as he pushed the
wheelchair and stroller.

Anna asked, puzzled, “What? Diapers? Why do you need diapers?” Wayne replied calmly, “They’re for

Hearing his brief explanation, Anna felt that she had lost her dignity and looked like a fool. She froze for
a while, and then became indignant.

If I ever come out in this stupid wheelchair again, I’d be the biggest dumbass in the

world! Instead of making a fool of Wayne, I made myself look awkward, Anna thought

Anna didn’t want to go shopping in the wheelchair after this incident. It just so happened that they had
almost finished buying everything they wanted. So, they went straight home.

On the way, Anna told Wayne to take off his jacket and put it over her face. Anna said that she didn’t
want others to ask her why she was in a wheelchair anymore.

Fortunately, it was already dinnertime, so there were few people downstairs. And they could smell the
scent of food as they passed by each building.

After that, Wayne started to cook. A crisp sound came from the kitchen as he dropped the fish into the
boiling oil.

Anna said aloud, “You can add water to the pot after a while. And don’t forget to add some ginger,

Even though she was in the living room, Anna shouted loudly to Wayne. She wasn’t sure if Wayne had
heard her because the sound of the range hood was so loud.

When she thought that Wayne had the recipe in his hand, she was more relieved.

I‘m just burned, but Wayne cares for me so much as if I were paralyzed. Anna thought to herself,
feeling a little ashamed at the same time.

Just at that moment, she heard her cell phone ringing. She glanced at the phone screen and found that
it was Jasper calling.

Anna hesitated for a moment, and then she jumped to the bedroom to answer the phone.

“Hello?” She said.

After Wayne had made dinner, he noticed that Anna was no longer in the living room. Then, he saw her
walking around the bedroom.

He frowned and thought, oh my God, You can‘t walk like that! Otherwise, your wounds won‘t heal at all,

Wayne then walked to the bedroom door.

Just as he tried to warn Anna, he heard her say, “When do you want to come?”

“No, you can’t. I’ve got hurt this week, so I can’t pick you up. Well, you can come next week.”

“Good, I won’t tell Tammy. Great! You can surprise her!”

The bedroom door was half-open. When Wayne looked inside, he found Anna smiling gently. She
looked as if she was on the phone with an acquaintance she had known for many years.

He even thought that maybe they were closer than friends.

After hanging up the phone, Anna sat in the bedroom for a while as she was holding her phone. Then,
Wayne told her dinner was ready.

Anna immediately walked out of the bedroom. Wayne asked as he pretended not to care, “Did
someone call you?” “Yes,” Anna said.

“Oh, who is it?”

Anna replied casually as she forked up a piece of fish and smiled, “Oh, it’s just a friend of mine. Wow, it
looks so delicious!”

“Really? What kind of friend?” He asked, sounding serious.

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