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Chapter 166

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Wayne said all this just to tell Anna that his parents had made him engaged when he was a child.
Besides, they hadn‘t even asked him about his opinion.

Wayne had always been a smart man. He made it seem like he wasn‘t responsible for this with just a
few words.

Anna pouted and deliberately said, “Hey, don‘t you try to fool me! I know you very well. You were more
than ten years old at that time. Even if you could just talk then, you would have opposed it if you didn‘t
want to marry her. As long as you didn‘t want to, no one would force you to do so! Well, it seems to me
that you do like Charlotte.”

“Oh. Well, do you want to know the truth?” Wayne asked. He looked a little more serious, which made
Anna nervous.

What? It turns out you really like her? She thought in surprise.

“Oh, no, no. Anna, it‘s not what you think.” Wayne became resigned upon seeing her expression, and
then gently flicked her forehead.

She grunted, covered her head, and said in a discontent voice, “Hey! You can talk as you want, and
you don‘t have to hit me!”

Wayne was originally serious. However, seeing her cute look, he couldn‘t help but smile. He stayed
silent for a few seconds as if he was thinking about how he should say these words.

“When my dad was alive, he always wanted to have a daughter. But, you know, my mother didn‘t give
him one. So, he had always regarded Charlotte as his daughter.”

Anna froze after hearing his words. This wasn‘t the first time Wayne had volunteered to talk to her
about his parents. However, he seemed calmer this time than before.

“My mom is a painter. Also, all she thinks about every day is her painting. She often left home to paint
the outside world, leaving for months at a time. Even after she gave birth to me, she didn‘t change her
way of living. She only came home a handful of times a year, which was the only time I got to see her.
And, she did it all the time.”

Wayne said calmly, and his low voice flowed into Anna‘s ears like a peaceful stream. Anna thought he
was so calm, as if he was talking about something that had nothing to do with him.

After listening to his words, Anna knew more about the relationship between Charlotte and the Wrights.

Wayne‘s mom, Jennie, used to travel a lot. And Wayne‘s father, James Wright, was very busy at work.
The two of them rarely saw each other, so they let Peter and Henry take care of Wayne. Not only was
Peter bad–tempered, but he had always been strict in raising children. Even if Wayne was still a kid,
Peter was still very strict with him. So, Wayne was withdrawn and had a more eccentric temper than his

Later, James realized that Wayne could not go on like this. So, he took Wayne back to his side.
Whenever James wasn‘t working, he would take Wayne to meet other kids. He wanted his son to make
friends with the kids and become more cheerful.

The Wilsons had three children, and the two of their sons were about the same age as Wayne. At that
time, Charlotte had just learned how to walk. James thought those kids could hang out together, so he
let Wayne stay with the Wilsons for a summer.

After the summer vacation, James went to Wilson‘s house to pick up Wayne. However, he found that
Wayne didn‘t hang out with the two Wilson boys but with two other children.

One of them was Karl, a naughty boy who tricked Wayne into eating hot sauce and caused him to stay
in the hospital for a week. The other was Charlotte, a little girl who had just learned to talk.

Wayne became friends with Karl because they had a fight. He became friends with Charlotte because
she always stayed by his side. At that time, the two Wilson boys did not want to play with Wayne.

However, he was not upset at all, but was glad that he could have a quiet summer. So, Wayne often sat
in the corner of the house to enjoy his time alone. Whenever that happened, Charlotte would often
stumble over to him and clutch his shirt. She gave him storybooks and forced him to

tell her stories. If he didn‘t want to, she would cry

“So, I told her stories all summer long. Later, Charlotte‘s mom told my dad about it. Then, my dad
brought Charlotte to my house every summer. Maybe he was so nice to her because that was the way
which he hinted at my mom to give him a daughter.”

It appeared that Wayne and Charlotte did not have a deep bond. People thought they were close
because James wanted them to feel that way.

He used to let Charlotte stay at his house not because he wanted her to marry Wayne. But, he did it to
tell his wife in a euphemistic way that he wanted a daughter.

Anna was stunned and speechless after hearing this. She marveled and said, “Your dad is really good
at hinting! Or, he can…”

However, she shut her mouth after realizing that James was Wayne‘s father, and she couldn‘t randomly
judge him like that.

Then, Wayne said in a husky voice, “My dad and my mom have been sleeping in separate rooms ever
since I can remember.”

Anna felt her heart aching a little after hearing those words. She said, “Oh, I’m so sorry.”

Wayne lifted the quilt over her shoulders. Then, he concluded, “Anna, you don‘t have to feel sorry for
me. Anyway, I‘ve told you everything I know. I only treat Charlotte as my sister, and I have no other
feelings for her.”

“Oh, I get it. You don‘t have to keep saying it.” Anna said and then felt her face flushing.

Wayne emphasized that Charlotte was just a sister to him since he started talking about his childhood.
Was he doing this because he was afraid I would overthink? Gee, it‘s not like I‘m going

to be unreasonable with him. Anna thought.

“Well, Anna, what else do you want to torture me about?” Wayne asked flirtatiously.

Anna immediately grumbled with laughter, “What? Hey, I didn‘t ‘torture‘ you! You‘re the one who started
telling me those things.”

Wayne raised his eyebrows. He suddenly put his mouth close to her ear and said softly. “Anna, you‘re
much cuter when you‘re jealous than when you‘re sensible.”

Anna felt her ears burning, and with it, the temperature of her whole body rose. And they spent an
extremely fantastic night

Anna decided to return to Birmingham the next day. To see her off to the airport, Wayne deliberately
postponed the meeting.

“Anna, you know, Charlotte was spoiled by her family since she was a kid. So, it‘s not surprising that
she would do anything out of line”

“I know. She‘s like your sister, so I’ll be more tolerant of her.”

Wayne lifted a hand to straighten the hair around her ear and said, “No. I mean, if she does anything
out of line, you don‘t have to be polite to her. Anna, I don‘t want you to be bothered by that.”

Hearing this, Anna was stunned and looked surprised. She asked, “What? Didn‘t you say she was like
your sister?”

“Oh, that’s not what I meant. She has two brothers, and she doesn’t need me to be her brother. So, you
don‘t have to be afraid of embarrassing me.” Wayne‘s hand traced downward and rested on her waist.
Then, he embraced her.

Anna couldn‘t help but smile joyfully after hearing his words. Finally, she didn‘t mind their relationship

Anna wrapped her arms around his waist and swayed as if she was being cute. She sighed, “God,
you‘re so nice! I‘m so lucky to have a boyfriend as good as you!”

Then, she heard Wayne seriously correct her, “No, I‘m your fiancé.”

Anna thought the whole thing through on her plane to Birmingham. She found that the reason why
Charlotte came back to England was apparent, and she was sure that Wayne knew it as well.

She thought to herself, but Wayne didn‘t respond to Charlotte at all. Or rather, Wayne had already
rejected her in the bathroom after I ran away. So, I knew that Charlotte wouldn‘t treat me nicely. But
that‘s okay. I knew that when I first met her. Charlotte‘s definitely not an ordinary woman. The fact that
she‘s the president of SG Group England at only twenty–five proves that she‘s not a tame woman.
However, if she deliberately makes things difficult for me, I will fight with her to the end.

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