Novel Name : Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand

Chapter 168

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Charlotte stared at the woman in front of her for a moment and immediately said, “Oh, I know you.
You‘re Ada”

Of course, Charlotte knew her. There were not many women around Wayne, and Ada was the most
special one. She was a famous actress, so many people knew her.

Charlotte always thought that Ada was her real rival before she returned home, because she knew Ada
had stayed by Wayne‘s side for six years

“Yeah, right. But, I hope you didn’t misunderstand me.” Ada said calmly as if she had expected to be

Charlotte frowned and said bluntly, “Hey, what the hell are you going to say? I know you and Wayne
have been dated before so. I don‘t think I should believe anything you say.”

“Oh, I really wish you could say the same thing after hearing my words.”

Ada blinked, and then her eyes became mysterious and meaningful She said, “You may already know
that I have been with Wayne for more than six years. We planned to get married some time ago, and
we even chose a hotel for the wedding. Well, do you know about this?”

Charlotte glanced at her with an unpleasant expression,

Ada‘s gaze immediately turned somber. In a low voice, she asked in a low voice, “Anyway. do you
know why Wayne suddenly regretted and called off the wedding?”

“Because of Anna?” Charlotte asked

Hearing this, Ada gave a contemptuous laugh. She said, “Oh, no. Charlotte, you‘ve known Wayne
longer than I have. Do you think he would call off a wedding for a woman he just met a few months


Then, staring intently at Charlotte, she said, “It‘s because of Matthew.” Charlotte felt her heart skip a
beat, and then couldn‘t help but clench her fists.

She knew Wayne had a son. She had heard that Wayne had a son when she had been married to the
French man for a year. However, she had asked many people about it but still had no idea who the
mother of that child was. Besides, she had heard that Wayne cherished that kid the most

and would take him wherever he went

“Charlotte, I‘m sure you know how important Matthew is to Wayne. So, are you aware that Matthew is
particularly fond of Anna? That‘s why Wayne considered marrying her.”

“What exactly are you going to say?” Charlotte felt that this woman was not getting to the point at all
with all the talk.

I certainly knew that if Wayne was going to get married, then his future wife had to get along with his
son. Even if I havn‘t heard of anything about it, I know Wayne. Charlotte thought to herself.

Ada said meaningfully and slowly, “All in all, blood is thicker than water.”

It was the weekend, and Anna had just picked up her two children from the Wrights‘ house when her
colleague told her they needed to change their shifts. So, Anna had to work on


Anna had no other choice but to take the children to the hotel with her. As before, she asked

the maitre d’ to take them to the children’s lounge.

“Kids, I‘m taking a lunch break at 12 noon I‘ll come over at that time and take you to lunch. Until then,
try not to wander off, okay? And, don‘t leave the hotel with anyone.”

“Ah, I know! Mommy, just go to work! I‘ll take care of Matthew.” Tammy said sweetly.

Anna pinched her little cheeks and warned, “Hey, do you think you can take care of Matthew? Don‘t
cause me trouble. And don‘t persuade Matthew to walk around with you, you hear me?”

Tammy immediately broke away from Anna‘s hand. She pouted and sat down unhappily on the couch,
complaining. “Ouch, that hurts! Mommy, you‘re going to ruin my face!”

Anna didn‘t continue talking She looked at the mischievous Tammy and then at the well–behaved and
quiet Matthew

Then She stroked Matthew‘s head and said softly, “Matthew, honey, can you take care of Tammy?
Also, take care of yourself, okay?”

Matthew nodded seriously

Everyone in the hotel knew that Matthew was Wayne‘s son. Therefore, no matter where Matthew went,
people would follow him around to take care of him.

The employees were worried that they would be fired if something happened to him about the two
children. She knew that they would be safe as long as they stayed at the hotel door

When she got to her office to put down her things, John knocked on the door and came

“Miss Gabriel, Mr. Jones said the meeting will begin at 9:30.”

Anna nodded and said, “Okay, thanks. Print ten copies of the customer complaint log and bring them
over, will you?”

A lot had happened at the hotel in the last few months. They held some big events and even
reconstructed the hotel. As a result, some guests felt dissatisfied.

Last month, the complaints from the guests had doubled compared to before. The staff had discussed
this matter in a meeting a few days ago. Moreover, Mr. Jones asked Anna to develop an appeasement
compensation plan.

After briefly organizing the information, Anna walked to the meeting room. Anna wore a black suit,
which made her look competent and elegant. She began to put on the slides and talked about her
solution to these large–scale complaints. After that, she divided her presentation into several points
and presented it clearly and coherently.

“This is it. And, we should compensate customers who stayed in at that time, whether they have filed
complaints or not. We should give an extra six months of free credit to the customers who complained.”

“Also, we have to tell them how much we appreciate their advice. When drafting instructions or talking
to customers, be sure to explain to them clearly. We don‘t want the customers to think that we are
giving them hush money. If that happens, it‘ll be counterproductive…”

The meeting went on for two hours. After the meeting was over, it was time for the lunch break

Anna walked out of the conference room, and John followed her with the information in his arms,
asking her about the exact implementation.

When they had just walked to the elevator, the siren suddenly rang throughout the corridor, and the
security lights on the wall blinked wildly.

Anna became nervous and said to John, “Call the security and ask what happened.”

John made a quick phone call. Just as he was talking, his face turned pale, and his expression was

He said in surprise, “What? How did this happen?” “What‘s going on?” Anna asked.

John hung up the phone immediately and said, “They said that there‘s a fire in the kitchen and the fire
apparatus is out of order. They‘ve called 911. But we don‘t know when the fire trucks will come yet.”

Anna‘s face went pale. Then she said, “Inform all the staff to evacuate the customers.” “Okay, I‘m on
my way.” John ran off in a panic.

Anna was waiting for the elevator. She stood for a few seconds and suddenly remembered that the kids
were still in the lounge. Her heartbeat immediately became fast, and she turned and ran toward the

After a while, she found that the children‘s lounge was empty.

“Matthew went to the rest room with the maitre d‘. No, I didn‘t see Tammy.” An employee


Anna was so scared that her face turned even paler. She ran around and asked people who passed by.
Finally, she had reached the area whre the fire started.

Smoke was coming out of the kitchen door, and many people gathered around, looking anxious.
Moreover, a pile of used–up fire extinguishers was scattered on the ground.

Anna had heard that Mr. Smith, the chef, was trapped inside the kitchen.

“He‘s out!”

A middle–aged man stumbled out carrying a man dressed in white. Then, people at the door ran over
to help.

The middle–aged man was out of breath and said, “Hurry up! There‘s a child inside! She seems to be
Miss Gabriel‘s daughter.

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