Novel Name : Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand

Chapter 150

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hotel if you need anything you can ask me or Wendy You know her, she’s the receptionist

“Got it, mommy You can go to work now. Tammy rushed Anna away Matthew, on the other hand,
nodded obediently and tugged at Tammy, looking a little resigned

Just as Anna reached her office, John tan in and said, “Miss Gabriel! Oh, no Something bad happened”

“What’s wrong?”

“The headquarters just called and said to put all the hotel security on alert Also, they told you to stay
away from work for the next few days.”

When Anna heard that this matter was so serious, she finally took her eyes off the computer screen
She asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Just look at Twitter hashtags yourself”

Stunned, Anna immediately clicked on the Google page and searched for today’s news As soon as she
opened the page, she saw many news headlines

“Popular singer Scott’s first girlfriend and current girlfriend appear at the same time.” “Scott’s sister and
his current girlfriend have a big fight ” “Scott and his sister are in an …et relationship”

Anna noticed that most of these pictures had the watermark of the same media outlet on them

John looked worried and cautiously said, “Don’t worry too much, both headquarters and Scoti’s
company are dealing with this now But, the president of this media company seems to have some beef
with Mr. Wright So, I’m afraid we can’t do anything about it. The netizens are all in agreement now, but,
we all know that you won’t do something like this. Anyway, I’m afraid this is not going to be easily

Anna immediately noticed that the photos were taken backstage at Scott’s concert. The paparazzi
thought Allie was Scott’s girlfriend, and she was his “sister”. This was because Scott had mentioned
Anna as his sister on the show before,

Anna clenched her fists and said, “Damn, this is bullset.”

John nodded and echoed, saying, “Yeah, we all think they’re making it up, too. You’re only two years
older than Scott, and you’re not related to him, so how does that make it incestuous?”

Anna was surprised by his logic and rolled her eyes. She said sarcastically, “John, you’re looking at
things from a very difficult perspective.”

John thought Anna was complimenting him and immediately said, “Thank you. I learned it from you,
after all.”

The news came out in the morning and quickly spread across the Internet. Although Scott had just
recently become famous, he was rapidly gaining popularity, so he had many fans, including insane
ones. Many people were cursing Anna on the Internet.

The company had just deleted a related hashtag, and the hashtag ‘Sorry for Scott’s girlfriend‘ was back
on the list.

Anna planned to listen to the headquarters and pack up her things to go home. But before she could
leave, she received a call from Wayne.

Wayne‘s voice was a little raspy, as if he hadn‘t slept well. He said, “I just got out of a

meeting Anna, I saw the news. Don’t leave the hotel, okay? Stay there for the next few days.”

Anna froze for a moment and asked, “Don’t you want to ask me what the picture is about?”

The paparazzi snapped a photo of them hugging. From the photo, they appeared to be hugging each
other affectionately. But Anna knew that she was only hugging Scott because they were family

Next to this photo was a photo of Allie covering her face and running away crying. The contrast
certainly made everyone saw them wonder.

“Anna, listen, I don’t want you to believe the news, and that means I won’t either.” He said.

Anna immediately felt joy and warmth. Then she asked, “Thank you. So, when are you coming back?”

Wayne had been gone for several days, and this was the first phone call they had made. Anna realized
that he was probably very busy.

“Sorry, I can’t get back for a while. Can you handle this on your own?” “Sure.” Anna said.

Wayne then said a few more words to her before hanging up. Wayne had always been brief and
concise, and Anna had always preferred to settle her own affairs.

After Anna hung up the phone, she realized that they hadn’t even spoken for more than a minute.

I finally understood why he had been single before! He didn‘t even comfort me when something like this
happened. The good thing is that I know he is very busy, so I understand him. But if I were any other
woman, / would have started arguing with him. Anna thought to herself.

Thinking about it, Anna felt she had lost out a bit. Why do I like to make excuses for him? She asked
herself again.

Wayne hung up the phone in front of a five-star hotel abroad and got into his car. He asked Gabe,
“Which media sent this news?”

Gabe frowned and replied, “It’s Wind Media. There are two kinds of attitudes among the netizens. The
first is Scott’s fans, they refuse to admit he has a girlfriend. The other is the ones who feel sorry for
Scott’s girlfriend and have been cursing Scott and Miss Gabriel. Uh, do you think we should take care
of that?”

Wayne said firmly, “No, ignore it. Don’t let anyone think Anna has anything to do with our company.”

Gabe asked in disbelief, “What? Are we really going to do that? But, Miss Gabriel…” Looking at
Wayne’s indifferent face, Gabe immediately stopped talking. He knew he‘d better not to guess what
Wayne was thinking.

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