Novel Name : Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand

Chapter 143

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While they were talking, Selina walked in with the two children. “Hey! Mommy!”

Tammy jumped at Anna and cheered as soon as she saw her, while Matthew looked exhausted. He
strolled inside, and then sat down on the couch and wrapped his arms around Anna as if he was about
to fall asleep.

“Matthew doesn‘t usually work out, does he? We‘ve only been running for a little while! He really is a
pampered child.” Selina showed a regretful expression.

Anna felt resigned. She patted Matthew‘s head softly and explained, “Well, actually, it‘s not his fault.
Matthew had always been sick when he was a child. He had a fever when he was younger, so he
couldn‘t talk anymore. He‘s always in poor health.”

Selina put down the cup in her hand, stared at Matthew thoughtfully and asked, “He couldn‘t speak
because of the fever? So, he never spoke?”

Anna frowned and replied, “Not really. I heard Wayne say that he has spoken twice in the year.”

Selina looked at Anna with slightly more profound meaning and said, “Things may not be that simple.
Wayne is the only son of the family, and a big family like the Wrights would be in trouble if they didn‘t
have the next generation of heirs. Many people are jealous of the Wright family, you know. I’m afraid
Matthew may not be able to grow up safely.”

Anna looked at Selina with a stunned expression and was surprised at these words.

She had heard her grandfather say that Selina had had a child when she was young. Then, after
something happened, the child was lost. Her uncle Joe was very close to his brother Bruce, but they
stopped visiting each other after that incident. They didn‘t speak to each other until Bruce remarried

Anna did not understand this matter when she was a child. But she felt scared every time she thought
about it later. She knew that most people would lose their minds in front of a considerable amount of

Selina meant to remind her that Matthew‘s fever at that time was probably not an accident. Also, such
‘accidents” would frequently happen from then on.

Anna immediately thought of the chandelier falling down when she first met Matthew.

“You should be more alert, Anna. Don‘t trust anyone.” Selina‘s voice made Anna come back to her

Anna looked over to Selina and saw her making coffee at the kitchen bar. She wore a sweatsuit and
had a great figure and a superb aura. Anna realized that her aunt was an intelligent and sophisticated

After making small talk for a while, Anna was ready to leave with her two children.

“Thanks, uncle and auntie. So, I’ll leave with Matthew and Tammy now. We’ll come back to visit you
later.” Anna said.

Selina came over and handed her the keys, “Wait, take away your own stuff.” “Oh, no, I really can‘t take

“When you came back for your mother‘s inheritance, I remember that you were very righteous. This
house is only a small part of your mother‘s inheritance here. Anyway, I want you to have a place to stay
in this city. Stop acting like your snob father, okay? He didn’t give you any of the Gabriel family
fortunes, and you know that better than I do. He‘s a hypocrite, and don‘t be like him.”

Selina said calmly, and she scolded all the Gabriel family without a single swear word by saying that.
After hearing this, Anna only felt chills all over her body andhad to force herself to pick up the keys.

Matthew was sleeping in Anna‘s arms when they left, and Tammy was very energetic. She asked Anna
curiously, “Mommy, why does granny Selina hate grandpa so much?” “Ah, didn‘t she tell you why?”

“She did. She said she had a deep grudge against Grandpa, and she even cursed him in front of me.
But I didn‘t understand what she was saying. You said that I can‘t just listen to one person‘s saying
when it comes to a sophisticated matter. So, I want to hear your side of the story.”

Anna laughed, patted her on the forehead, and said, “You little girl! Well, it‘s between adults, so you
shouldn‘t ask too many questions or feel burdened by it.”

“Mommy, what do you mean by ‘feel burdened?”

Anna didn‘t know how to explain to Tammy for a moment. She hesitated for a while and said in a deep
voice, “It‘s like what you carry inside your bag every day when you go to school. You have to carry your
snacks because you like them. You also have to carry your textbooks. You don‘t like the textbooks, but
you need them at school. So, you have to carry them. If you are just too tired to carry so many things
one day, you have to give up some of them. In that case, honey, what would you give up?”

Tammy was thinking very seriously about this profound question. After thinking for a while, she looked
at Anna and answered, “Why would I give up something? I can get Mr. Wright, mommy and Matthew to
help me carry a little bit!”

Anna froze for a moment. She stroked Tammy‘s head and looked a little dejected.

When I think it‘s not hard to make choices or that I don‘t have to make choices, it‘s because someone
else is carrying the burden for me. When I was a child, my father abandoned my mother, but I didn‘t

hate him because I didn‘t know these things. It was my grandfather, my uncle, and Selina who carried
all this pain for me. Anna thought

After eleven o‘clock, they arrived at Wright‘s old house.

As soon as they got out of the car, Anna was surprised by the people who came to greet them at the

There were two rows of twenty servants standing there, half of them were men while the others were
women. When they saw Anna, they immediately bowed and said, “Good day, madam, young master,

Anna felt her nerves tense up. She couldn‘t even take a step as she held a child in one


When Wayne came out of the house, he saw the look on Anna‘s face and then froze. He growled to the
servants, “Hey! What are you doing here? Have you got nothing else to do?”

The two rows of servants looked at each other and then scattered in fear.

It was only at this point that Anna burst out laughing. She walked into the house side by side with
Wayne, asking as they walked, “Is your family a gang? When I saw so many people, I thought they
were here to teach me a lesson.”

Wayne said, somewhat speechlessly, “They are all servants chosen by my grandfather. All they do in
my house is bicker and gossip all day long, and they don‘t do anything.”

Anna glanced back when she saw a little girl hiding behind a tree in the garden peeking at her.

She waved graciously at her. However, the girl didn‘t seem afraid and waved at her as well.

“Natalie Wright! If you keep staring at us, I’ll have the housekeeper send you back to the orphanage.”

The girl then immediately ran away.

Anna tugged on Wayne‘s arm and scolded, “Hey, you scared her. She‘s just curious. She didn‘t do
anything wrong. Why are you so mean to her?”

“What? Oh, she never feels scared.” Wayne frowned, looking a little impatient.

“Hey, that girl is not your maid, right? She looks very young.” Anna suddenly remembered something
and looked at the tree just now. And she found that the girl had run away.

Henry, who was leading the way, looked back and explained with a smile, “Natalie is an orphanage
child sponsored by old Mr. Wright, and she came here six years ago. Mr. Wright let her have his
surname. She is a lively girl, so he quite liked her and took her as an adopted daughter. And, she
should be Wayne‘s aunt.”

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