Novel Name : Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand

Chapter 112

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The car was driving under the hot July sun. Tammy kept talking, and it took about ten minutes to finish
the story.

“That’s it. My mother will be very sad every time she mentions this, so please don’t ask her about it.”

Ryan rested his elbow on the car window frame, one hand on his chin, and asked thoughtfully, “You
said your brother disappeared shortly after you were born? Did he disappear in this place? Didn’t you
grow up abroad?”

Tammy blinked and said, justified, “I did grow up abroad.” Ryan smiled and said, “What about your
dad? Didn’t he look for your brother?”

“I don’t know, I don’t see my daddy very often.” Tammy shrugged with a look of innocence on her face.

“You don’t see your daddy much?”

“Yes, he is very busy. I’ve seen him very few times, and we haven’t seen each other this year. I don’t
even remember what he looks like.”

“Why did your daddy divorce your mommy? Is it because he does not like you?” Ryan suddenly
approached Tammy with a curious face, gossiping.

Tammy shrugged her shoulders helplessly and said, “Who said my mommy and daddy divorced? My
daddy likes me a lot, he brings me a lot of gifts every time he sees me. I don’t really like those things,
but they’re expensive.”

Ryan’s eyes widened as he heard the big gossip and asked, “They’re not divorced? Then why do you
want Wayne and your mommy to be together?”

Tammy said bluntly, “I like him and want him to be my daddy, and my mommy and daddy rarely see
each other anyway. I see that my mommy and Uncle Wayne get along well.”

Ryan nodded, stunned by her logic.

Wayne knocked on the door and went into Matthew’s room. Matthew was sitting by himself on his bed,
holding a box of snacks and lost in thought. He saw Wayne coming and immediately acted as if he was
not welcome.

Wayne sat down helplessly and said thoughtfully, “Matthew, why did defend her so much simply
because she brought you a box of treats? Have you forgotten how many treats I’ve bought you these
years? Isn’t that a little unfair to me?”

Matthew still looks angry. He wrote on his drawing board, “She makes good snacks, and you buy bad
ones. She is nice to me, but because of you, she doesn’t even come to me anymore.”

Seeing this, Wayne frowned and said. “I didn’t let her to see you. That’s because she didn’t take good
care of you at all, and made you sick. So, Matthew, she’s not the best person to be your mother. If you
want a mother, I can find you another one.”

Upon hearing this, Matthew immediately became angry. He stared indignantly at Wayne,

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and his face turned red. He kept shaking and shivering for a long time before writing down a line, “It’s
not her fault. I didn’t go to the hospital because I ate something bad.”

Wayne thought he was joking and said, “Come on, you don’t have to speak for her. You can eat the
snacks she gave you, but you can’t go out alone with her anymore.”

Matthew gritted his teeth in anger. He violently grabbed Wayne’s hand and bit him on the back.

Wayne grunted and dared not shake him off for fear of hurting him. He said unhappily “Matthew, what
are you doing?”

Matthew let go of his hand and pointed to the words just written on the drawing board with a fierce look
on his face.

Wayne didn’t think much about it. He only felt that Matthew’s temper was getting grumpier and
grumpier, and he needed to keep him under control.

“What interest class do you want to take? Is a sketching class okay? I’ll have the housekeeper sign you
up for a class tomorrow. I need to keep you busy, or you’ll always be thinking about it.”

Matthew was so angry that his face turned red, and he threw a pillow at Wayne’s back indignantly. He
let out a “Hmph!”sound and wrapped himself up in the blanket.

Tammy spent the entire weekend watching Anna.

As soon as Anna’s phone rang, she listened carefully to her call. But two whole days passed and she
didn’t receive a single call from Wayne.

On Sunday night, Tammy couldn’t hold back any longer. She hid in her bedroom and dialed a phone
number. As soon as the call was answered, she said urgently, “Sir, the relationship between my
mommy and Uncle Wright is very bad now.”

On the other end of the line, an old, calm voice said, “Okay, I’ll take care of this.” The next morning.

When Anna first arrived at the hotel, she sensed something unusual about the atmosphere


“Good morning, Miss Gabriel.” “Good morning.”

She walked to the office and felt that many people were looking at her. She felt a little puzzled and that
she had never been stared at like that. It made her even wonder if she was wearing unmatching shoes
or if she had something on her face.

“Miss Gabriel, hello,” John greeted her.

“Good morning. Why do you have that look on your face?” Anna looked at him, frowned, and said

*I’m happy for you. You don’t know that yet, do you? Don’t be too surprised. Look!” John smiled and
stood in the doorway of her office. With that, he pulled open the door.

Her office was filled with roses of all colors. There were flowers almost everywhere, from the desk to
the corner, making the office look like a flower store

Anna stared wide-eyed and asked, “What’s going on?” John smiled and replied, “You haven’t see it
yet? Valentine’s Day is coming up, so this must

be a surprise from your husband. The roses are perfectly just in time.”

Anna frowned, feeling even more puzzled.

Everyone at the hotel knew she had a child, so they all assumed she had a husband. She didn’t explain
it to avoid other misunderstandings. So when they saw someone give her so many roses, it made
sense for them to think it was from her husband.

only, he would not have sent her so many flowers.

Only after John’s reminder did she see the card on the table. ‘To Anna’, the card wrote.

Looking at John’s curious expression, Anna hid the card back and said, “Get to work. Don’t you have
anything to do?” – “Hey, I don’t want to look at this kind of lovey-dovey stuff yet.” John laughed a few


then quickly ran off.

Anna was left alone in the office. She slowly opened the card and saw a sentence written by pen: “I
apologize for what I said to you a few days ago.”

Anna froze. After she thought about it, she knew who had sent it. It cheered her. She smiled and was
deeply touched.

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