Novel Name : Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand

Chapter 49

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“What? You?”

With Wayne hindering, Anna could only stop. She gave Tammy an angry stare, “You‘ll have those this
time. But only this time. And your pocket money for next month has just gone.”

Tammy pursed her lips in grievance, but Matthew pulled her sleeves and blinked to her, hinting that he
still had money. Tammy started smiling again.

When Anna was about to tell Wayne that he shouldn‘t spoil the children like that, her phone suddenly
rang. She answered the phone and heard the noises in the background and

a woman‘s guilty voice, “Anna, are you at home? I need you to come now.”

“What happened? Anna asked a few questions and suddenly became nervous, “What? How can you…

She couldn‘t say too much with Wayne staying with her, so she quickly hung up. She looked at him, “I
have something to do know. Can you look after Tammy for a while?”

“Okay.” “Thank you.”

Without waiting for Wayne to finish his sentence, Anna hurriedly passed the queue in front of the
checkout counter and ran to the gate of the supermarket. She seemed to be in a hurry.

Wayne wanted to say “What happened? I can drive you there.” But he didn‘t have the chance to say it.

It happened to be rush hour now. The taxi was caught in a traffic jam, and it took her almost an hour to
get to the airport police department. On stepping into the room, she saw a woman sitting straight and
haughtily on a chair, in black and white and a pair of sunglasses.

Her white shirt was tucked into a black fishtail skirt. The 4–inch red–soled black high heels had
perfectly accented her slender and strong legs. She was holding a silver sequin purse, which reflected
cold light and gave her an air of arrogance and indifference.

“Peace.” Anna quickly walked to her, “What have you done again?”

“What have I done?” Peace took off her glasses and showed her pretty little face, still angry.

“I‘m only a brave citizen who tries to help others. I have never seen another man who dared to drop his
pants in the airport parking lot with all the CCTV cameras above our heads.”

“What? Drop his pants?” Anna was surprised. She hurriedly let Peace turn around and looked at her un
and down and asked quickly, “Are you alright? Are you hurt by anyone?


“Oh, it‘s not me.” She took Anna‘s waving hands and said angrily, “I said I tried to help others. The
woman bullied was picked up by her friends. That p*****t is still here.”

“Which one?” Anna looked around and didn‘t see anyone.

“He was arrested. We won‘t let this kind of man get off without detention. Otherwise, he will get outside
and keep harming the society.”

“I know. I know.” Anna sighed, “Since it‘s all over, I‘ll go sign the paper. Let‘s go. Tammy is waiting for
me at home.”

Peace had a hot temper and a strong and agile body with the experiences in the army. She could beat
several men by herself. The first time Anna met her she was fighting a guy to help a girl outside a bar.
After she knew more about Peace, she realized that it was a common thing to get her in the police

“Where is your luggage?” Anna asked Peace after they walked out of the police department.

With only a purse in her hand, Peace suddenly thought of something and said in a harry, “Ah, I left it in
the parking lot!”

At last, the staff in the airport took them to the left luggage area and found it. It was a burgundy
aluminum suitcase, which stood out among the pile of lost ones.

“I told you we will find it.” Peace pulled the suitcase calmly and mocked at Anna‘s overreaction, “Alright,
I‘ve had a good day today. We can pick Tammy up later and eat some delicious food.”

They went back to the parking lot. Peace would always park her car in the airport here before she
travelled so that she could drive home after she came back.

Peace put the suitcase into the trunk, and they were going to get into the car. Anna suddenly heard a
familiar voice from behind, “You should go to the hospital.”

“No, I should go find my lawyer. Raven Snow is a lunatic.” “Are you sure you‘re alright?”

The deep voice echoed in the parking lot. Anna turned around with her hand on the car door, and she
saw two tall men talking in front of a BMW. One of them was Wayne.

“Wayne Wright?” Anna shouted in astonishment. Isn‘t he supposed to be at home with the two kids
now? What is he doing here?

Wayne also heard Anna‘s voice and looked over at her. His face changed at the sight of



“Why are you here?” Anna closed the door and walked to him. Then she saw a man hiding behind him,
with bruises on his face that couldn‘t cover his laddish manner.

“Mr. Xavier, what‘s wrong with your face?”

Karl Xavier covered his face with both hands and said bitterly, “How do you know who am with my face
covered? You‘re wrong. I‘m not Karl Xavier.”

While Anna was still wondering what happened, Peace walked to Anna and put her hand on Anna‘s
shoulder and said with a smile “What? You know them? Is this your


“Well,” Anna soon introduced them, “This is my boss, Mr. Wright, the CEO of Carousel Group. And this

“I‘m Peace Brooks.” Peace directly interrupted Anna and reached out her hand to Wayne, “I‘m Anna‘s
best friend. You‘re Wayne Wright. I‘ve heard a lot about you.”

Wayne glanced at Anna and shook hands with Peace politely, “Nice to meet you.” “And this is?”
Peace‘s gaze fell on the man behind Wayne. Meanwhile, Karl Xavier slowly raised his head.

They looked at each other in the eyes, and the atmosphere suddenly became tense.

“Lunatic!” “p*****t!” Peace and Karl almost shouted at each other almost at the same time.

Anna immediately pulled Peace back who was going to lose her temper, “Hey, what are you doing?”

“It‘s him.” Peace pointed at Karl, “He‘s the p*****t I told you about in the airport police department.”

“Who‘s p*****t?” Karl shouted angrily and blushed though he was still hiding behind Wayne, “You
lunatic. Look at my face. Look what you‘ve done to me. Wait for my legal letter. Now I remember you,
Peace Brooks, right?”

There were bruises on his face, and his eyes were black.

Even Anna gave him a pity look though she was used to Peace beating others. Wayne took a few
steps back to keep a distance from Peace.

“You‘re not a p*****t? Wasn‘t that you who tried to r**e a woman here? I‘ve seen you take off your
pants! Oh, disgusting!”

Both Anna and Wayne looked at Karl in astonishment.

Karl looked gentle and polite. Although he liked to flirt with the women in the company, no one would
expect that he would do such a filthy thing.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Karl said anxiously, “Do you believe her? It‘s not like that at all!”

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