Novel Name : Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand

Chapter 28

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The driver’s words had reminded Ada.

She thought, “Wayne always goes in his own way no matter what other people say. He seemingly
obeys his grandfather, but privately he still does what he pleases, which means that all I need to do is
to make sure that Wayne doesn‘t change his mind.”

That night, Wayne and Matthew stayed in the mansion.

Wayne thought that grandfather had something to tell him, but he suddenly answered a phone call and
waved to the servants to let them clean up a room for Wayne and Matthew.

Then he locked himself in the study.

“Has grandpa been busy recently?” Wayne looked at the butler suspiciously.

The butler answered calmly and unhurriedly, “Mr. Wright has been communicating a lot with his friend. I
don’t know much about the details. Sir, you can go back to your room first. Mr. Wright will come outside
after he finishes the call.”

However, grandfather didn’t hang up the phone until midnight. Wayne read a whole book for Matthew
while waiting for grandfather. Then Matthew fell asleep, and he kept yawning, realizing that it had
already been eleven o’clock. He didn’t wait anymore and went to sleep.

Anna got up in the middle of the night to drink water. Standing in the living room, she saw that Tammy’s
room was still lit up. She frowned and walked over.

Then she heard Tammy’s voice in the room, “You have never told me about this person. That’s too
complicated. If you had told me, I wouldn’t let my mommy go. Too complicated.”

Anna directly opened the door and asked her in dissatisfaction, “Tammy? What are you doing in the
middle of the night? You should’ve been asleep now.”

Tammy hurriedly hung up the phone and turned around in fear. She rolled her eyes and said, “Nothing.
I was just talking to my godmother.”

On hearing this, Anna’s eyes were lit up. She said, “Really? I happen to have something to say to her.
Give me the phone and let me talk to her.”

“No.” Tammy hid the phone behind her, “I’ve hung up. She said she was going to sleep.”

“What?” Anna was a little disappointed, but she wasn’t suspicious about Tammy’s words.

“Well, you should go to bed now. Do you know what time it is now? Children should go to bed early.”

“I know.” Tammy nodded. With her brows knitted, she seemed to be worried, “Mommy, I have just
learned a bad news? Do you want me to tell you?”

Anna’s face changed. She asked, “Did Peace fight with her client again?”

Unlike her name, Peace wasn’t peaceful at all. She had a hot temper and an agile body. She would
frequently fight with the customers who couldn’t play well with her, so Anna suddenly became nervous.

“No.” Tammy quickly shook her head, “It’s not about Peace. It’s about you.” “Me?” Anna pointed at her

“Yeah.” Tammy nodded and sighed with a long face, “Mommy, I think your second marriage is finished.”

“My second marriage?” Anna asked with a total lack of comprehension. “I heard that your boss, Uncle
Wright, is going to get married.” Anna was slightly surprised by Tammy’s words.

It was widely spread in the company that Wayne Wright was going to marry Ada Xavier. The rumor with
a lot of details seemed to be true. Besides, Ada frequently came to the group’s headquarter recently,
totally ignoring the rumors in the company. Wayne Wright didn’t make any effort to explain about it.
Everybody took it as a sign that they did plan to get married.

But what did Wayne Wright’s marriage have to do with Anna? “What are you talking about?”

“Uncle Wright is handsome and rich. He is definitely a prince charming. If you can marry into his family,
I can go with you and eat all the delicious food and enjoy the luxury life. Look. He’s going to get married
with other woman because you didn’t seize the chance.”

Anna finally understood that Tammy hadn’t given up on finding a husband for her. Amused and
annoyed, she softly poked her finger on Tammy’s forehead and said, “What’s exactly in your little
head? Whether he gets married or not has nothing to do with me. He is my boss. And only my boss.
Stop daydreaming. Go to sleep now.”

Tammy quietly climbed into her bed, upset about the missed opportunity. Shaking her head helplessly,
Anna turned off the light and closed the door.

After that, Anna gradually prepared all the things that Tammy would need in the kindergarten. She
decided to send her to the kindergarten on next Monday morning.

Blue Castle was quite different from other kindergartens. She was still worried that Tammy couldn’t get
adapted to the new environment.

Coincidentally, Wayne also picked this day to send Matthew to school.

“I thought Matthew did well with tutors teaching him at home. Why do you suddenly decide to let him go
to the kindergarten?” Ada asked a seemingly random question in the car.

Since Wayne told her about his plan to get married, she became more and more complaisant. She
regularly went to Wayne’s house and Carousel Group. After she heard that Matthew was going to
school today, she specially came to Wayne’s home early in the morning to stay with him, as if she
cared a lot about Matthew.

“Communicating with more people can be helpful for his recovery.” Wayne answered in

a cold tone.

If Matthew hadn’t insisted on go to the kindergarten, he wouldn’t really send him to school. There were
too many people in the school, which meant that there could be too much trouble for him. And he
wouldn’t have enough time to deal with the problems in the future.

“If Matthew wants to play with other children, we can have more children in the future. He will have
younger brothers and sisters.”

Matthew paled on hearing the words and cowered in the child seat with the little drawing board in his
arms, thinking, “The children of the wicked woman must also be wicked.”

Wayne also frowned and said, “I don’t plan to have more children for the time being. I’m happy enough
to have Matthew.”

Feeling embarrassed, Ada turned pale and then green. She thought, “What does he mean? So he
doesn‘t want to have a child with me after we get married?”

It was a little awkward in the car. Fortunately, the school wasn’t far away from home, and they had
already arrived at the destination.

The driver opened the door for them. Wayne took Matthew’s hand and led him to the gate of the

After a few steps, Matthew suddenly threw away Wayne’s hand and ran at full speed to a woman.

Anna was talking to Eleanor Hudson, the management assistant, who came to welcome her and
Tammy. Suddenly, she felt that someone grabbed her shank. She lowered her head and saw a cute
face. It turned out that Matthew was holding her legs, pouting to her with grievance.

“Matthew,” said Anna, squatting, “Do you also study in this kindergarten? Why do you look unhappy?
Feeling sleepy?”

Matthew shook his head sadly. Beside them was Tammy, feeling rather excited.

She immediately grabbed Matthew’s hands and said, “Will you also come here to study? Great! Then
I’ll have a friend here. You can count on me in the future!”

Wayne and Ada walked to them side by side. Having seen that Matthew was very familiar with Anna
and Tammy, Ada stared at Anna’s face for a long time, feeling that she had met this woman before.

“Miss Xavier.” Anna quickly stood up when she saw Ada and said, “Nice to meet you.

“Do you know me?” Ada frowned.

“Everyone knows you. Ada Xavier, the best actress.” Anna smiled. “Besides, I led the employees to
greet you when you stayed in Carousel Hotel last time.”

“Do you work in Carousel?” Ada asked in surprise. She suddenly thought of something and asked, “Is
your last name Gabriel?”

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